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About me

Kim breaking copywriting glass ceilings

 For more than 20 years, I’ve been writing direct response copy that generates sales in competitive markets like nutritional supplements, skin care, newsletter and book publishing, investment advisories, fitness programs, and many more.

I’ve consistently beat controls, including long-running “unbeatable” promotions written by legendary copywriters such as the late Jim Rutz.

I’ve even broken glass ceilings, like when I became the first female copywriter to ever get a Boardroom control after I beat Parris Lampropulous' 7-year control.

Since that time, I’ve not only written multiple controls for Boardroom, I’ve done the same for Soundview, their Advanced Bionutritionals nutritional supplement subsidiary, and their Systeme 41 skin care business. I've also written successful controls for Green Valley Natural Solutions, Agora Financial, Healthy Directions, New Market Health, National Geographic, and many other top direct response companies.

And I’ve done all of it on my own, without apprenticing with any other copywriters...or learning the ropes from copywriting training programs that simply didn’t exist when I was starting out.

Not only have I been in the trenches, I’ve been on the client side, too. For more than six years I worked at former direct marketing powerhouse Phillips Publishing. In 1993 I helped launch their Healthy Directions nutritional supplement business.

I ran this supplement business the first three years, growing it to more than $23 million in annual sales. So I have an intimate and deep knowledge of marketing, product development, and how to optimize both the front-end and back-end of a business in order to maximize revenue and profitability.

I later became an Associate Group Publisher at Phillips working with marketing legends like Jay Abraham and Denis Waitley. I hired and worked with some of the top copywriters in the business, so I understand first-hand what clients want and are looking for from a copywriter.

I also have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Statistics along with an MBA in Marketing. So I not only understand marketing and business, I’m not afraid of numbers or complexity (just don’t ask me to explain classes like Abstract Algebra that I took decades ago!)

So how did I end up being a copywriter? I didn’t even know what one was until I joined Phillips back in 1992 as a Marketing Manager. This was after spending 7 years at Blue Cross and Blue Shield as a brand manager and direct-to-consumer marketer.  My eyes were opened to the impact a top copywriter could have on building new businesses. I also saw the kind of lifestyle and financial rewards that came with it.

And then I discovered, through my work at Phillips, that I had a gift for writing copy. I had developed such a good reputation in-house, when the consumer division president Bob King introduced me to the late Clayton Makepeace, he told him I was the best copywriter at the company.

Six years later in 1998, I walked out of my six-figure executive marketing position with Phillips to become a freelance copywriter after the birth of my first child, and never looked back. The first year, I earned 50% more than I did when I was slaving away at 50+ hour work weeks.

I continue to work with many top direct response companies. But now I’m also teaching from the trenches, sharing my two decades’ worth of hard-won copywriting expertise and knowledge...and more than 13 years of corporate marketing experience...to up-and-coming copywriters who want to go from good to great and get there faster than they can on their own.

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If you’re interested in working with me, you can contact me here. Be advised that I take on a limited number of select clients and am usually booked in advance. However, I've trained or am currently mentoring many talented, up-and-coming copywriters who specialize in a wide range of copy that I can connect you with.


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