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Get your hands on my master swipe file including at least 36 PROVEN control promos written for top companies like Soundview...Boardroom...Advanced Bionutritionals…Green Valley…Agora...National Geographic…Healthy Directions...and many others!

In my “Buy ‘em All” Complete KKS Swipe File, you get full PDF promo copies (some with multiple versions included) of at least 3 dozen multi-million-dollar control promos I’ve written for clients over the past few decades.


You'll get a fantastic variety of winning promotions to study and learn from for a wide range of nutritional supplements, health and financial newsletters, health books, skin care, fitness products, and much more!


Each one is a proven, successful control you can study and glean new insights from again and again.  Some of them reigned (or are still reigning) as “unbeatable” controls for as long as 11 years!

What’s more, any time I add more past and current controls to this swipe file, you’ll get them for

free sent to your email address automatically! You won't have to pay another penny and there’s

nothing you need to do.   


Typically, each one of these PDFs sells for $39.95 or as much as $59.95 apiece. But you get ALL 36 of my most successful control promotions at an unbelievable value. Here’s a complete list of what's included in this instantly downloadable swipe file:   


1. Tax Hotline newsletter —Boardroom (this beat Parris Lampropoulus’s “unbeatable” 7-year control and made me the first female copywriter to get a Boardroom control!)

2. CircO2 circulation supplement (2 versions)—Soundview/Advanced Bionutritionals (hot current online and direct mail control)                                                                                                         

3. Superfoods Rx book promotion—Boardroom (a 10+-year control!)

4. Bladder Control Advantage supplement promotion--Healthy Directions

5. Ultimate Bone Support supplement promotion--Soundview/Advanced Bionutritionals

6. Advanced Memory Formula supplement promotion--Soundview/Advanced Bionutritionals

7. Pectasol detox supplement promotion--Soundview/Advanced Bionutritionals

8. Complete Survival Manual book promotion--National Geographic                                                9. Women's Health Letter newsletter promotion (Rodale-type copy/design)--Soundview

10. Women's Health Letter newsletter promotion (issuelog copy/design)--Soundview

11. The Natural Physician's Healing Therapies book promotion--Boardroom

12. Personal Finance newsletter promotion--KCI Communications (the one that beat Jim Rutz!)

13. Advanced Cholesterol Formula promotion--Soundview/Advanced Bionutritionals

14. Prostera prostate supplement promotion--Uniscience

15. Advanced Resveratrol Formula promotion--Soundview/Advanced Bionutritionals

16. Regenetrol joint supplement promotion--Nature Trade Center

17. OPC Miracle Joint Complex supplement promotion--Nature Trade Center (a 10-year control!)

18. Advanced Sleep Formula supplement promotion--Soundview/Advanced Bionutritionals

19. Plavinol blood sugar supplement promotion--Nexus Formulas (3 different versions/formats)

20. Prescription for Natural Cures book promotion--Bottom Line (formerly known as Boardroom)

21. Mega-Nutrition Organic Superfood promotion--Quantum Wellness Botanic Institute

22. Trilane skin care oil promotion--Healthy Directions

23. Systeme 41 night cream skin care promotion--Soundview                                                              

24. Bottom Line Retirement newsletter promotion--Boardroom (written with Belinda Brewster)

25. Pectasol detox supplement--Soundview/Advanced Bionutritionals (launch promotion)

26. Power Plate exercise equipment promotion--Soundview (still being used 8 years later!)

27. SetraVida anti-aging supplement video sales letter--Agora/New Market Health

28. Second Opinion newsletter promotion--Soundview

29. Shapeshifter Yoga online sales page--Shapeshifter Media

30. My Sinus Miracle supplement online sales page--Green Valley Natural Solutions

31. Triple Joint Relief supplement online sales page--Green Valley Natural Solutions

32. Vital Force anti-aging supplement online sales page--Green Valley Natural Solutions

33. Maximum Memory Support online sales page--Green Valley Natural Solutions                            

34. Integrative Digestive Formula supplement promotion--Soundview/Advanced Bionutritionals   

35. Retirement Watch newsletter magalog promotion--Bob Carlson (written with Belinda Brewster)

36. Retirement Watch newsletter bookalog promotion--Bob Carlson (written with Belinda Brewster)

You can learn a TON from studying these swipes (that’s one of the biggest ways I learned when I was starting out, and I still collect other promos and read them even now. ALL the best copywriters do this!) Most of them are long-form direct mail promotions like magalogs or bookalogs, but several are full PDFs of online sales pages or video sales letter transcripts.

Unlike getting yourself “seeded” on mailing lists where you don’t know what you’re receiving is a proven control or a one-time test that ultimately bombed, every single promo included in my “Buy ‘em All” swipe file is a promotion that was successful…in some cases for as long as 8, 10, even 11 years or more!  


The value of this swipe file right now (not counting any new promos I add to it in the future) is $1,458.20. But you can get it now for a fraction of that cost. You’d be hard-pressed to find a collection of proven swipes like this anywhere else!   

As you can see, this truly is the best way to immerse yourself in studying a wide range of successful long-form copy swipes. A $1,458.20 value...Kim’s “Buy ‘em All” Complete KKS Promo Swipe File is yours at this special, no-brainer price!

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