Coaching and mentoring program

Limited slots now available!

Are YOU the next A-List copywriter?

Are you interested in learning more about long-form copywriting, especially in the lucrative health and supplement niche? 

Do you feel passionate about helping people be better off in ways they desire by providing more effective solutions for their health, finances, and other important areas of their life than what the mainstream marketplace offers them?

Do you like the idea of picking and choosing your projects and clients, getting paid 4 and 5-figure advances to book your schedule out months in advance, and walking out to your mailbox to find fat royalty checks for promotions you wrote months,  even years ago?

All of this is possible—even in today’s competitive copywriter arena. It’s what I’ve been doing for the past 20 years as a top A-List copywriter. I’m now ready to share everything I’ve learned with a select group of bright, motivated, already established or up-and-coming copywriters.

I’m planning to offer a very limited number of coaching and mentoring spots in the coming months. This would be the next best thing to being my copywriting apprentice. It's actually even better.


Here’s why...

►You’ll get individual coaching and copy critiques from me each month—guaranteed one-on-one access to me for whatever you want to focus on

►You’ll participate in group coaching calls where we break down controls, do “surgery” on strengthening copy submitted by group members, discuss client and business-building challenges and strategies, and much more

►You’ll find yourself a “copy buddy” (maybe a few) from the other members of the group—together you can read/critique each other’s copy and get better together (this is what A-list copywriters Parris Lampropoulus and David Deutsch did early in their careers together)

►You’ll be on my short list when I need to bring in copywriters to help me on projects, giving you real-life experience working side-by-side with me (and getting paid for it!)

►You’ll become one of the “go-to” copywriters to whom I refer potential clients for projects I can’t fit into my schedule or feel aren’t right for me—without paying me any referral fees

►And much more!

If you’re intrigued and would like to find out more, and be notified as soon as this exclusive coaching and mentoring program is available, please contact me to get on the wait list.


Provide a brief description of your copywriting experience and what you’re looking for most to get out of this program.



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