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If you’re fed up with promotions that don’t deliver the profits and response you’re looking for…  

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Then you’re going to LOVE the actionable, up-to-the-minute strategies and tried-and true control-beating copywriting system you’ll gain from my brand-new COPYWRITING VELOCITY Complete Virtual Program.  

The NEXT best thing to hearing me LIVE, gorging on delicious Italian food, and rubbing shoulders with legendary A-listers  

You may have missed the live event I held in March in Washington, DC where I revealed my own system for producing dozens of successful controls over the past 21 years. We spent a few wonderful, highly edifying days at an Italian restaurant and event space in Georgetown. There was great camaraderie in the art-filled, intimate setting.  

We feasted on frittata and prosciutto for breakfast, stuffed ourselves with paninis and salads for lunch, and capped off our two-day experience with an unforgettable 4-course Italian dinner in a private Chef’s Kitchen with wine pairings plus a grappa and dessert tasting with my husband “The Grappa Guy”. (It was amazing!)  

We even squeezed in a trip to the Tidal Basin to see the Cherry Blossoms starting to bloom in the gorgeous weather! And the next day during an exclusive Mastermind, we did live copy critiques, broke down controls, and shared the latest copy and marketing insights with my A-list special guest speakers Richard Armstrong, Carline Anglade-Cole, "Big Jason" Henderson, and Lori Haller. 

But the good news is, I captured all the training from my full-day COPYWRITING VELOCITY Copy Intensive on high-quality video, so you can soak up all the game-changing insights and copywriting “gold” and apply them to your work or business, too.  

During this in-depth Copy Intensive, I shared exactly how I write million-dollar controls from start to finish. I went deep into how I do research—and why 50% (or more) of the time I spend on a new promotion is spent in this phase.  

It’s essential you know how to do this right so it can lead to right “big idea” that hooks your reader in and primes them to buy. Plus I explained how to identify your product or service’s USP…and how to use it in your copy to speak to your prospect’s desires.  

I also shared my most effective secrets for writing headlines, leads, fascinations, offers, closes, emails, and upsells. And I broke down one of my current controls for a joint health supplement to demonstrate my own “Kim Krause Schwalm”

process in action.  

Here’s just a small glimpse of what you’ll discover in the nearly 4 hours of Copy Intensive videos in your COPYWRITING VELOCITY Complete Virtual Program…  

How to know what you’re really selling. This 6-question process lets you determine the best positioning for your product. (Plus where to find answers to these questions!)  

The Volkswagen secret to using your USP to overcome your prospect’s objections. This legendary ad is a perfect example of how to do this effectively.  

Going up against an existing control? Here’s exactly what you must do to identify any weaknesses—and significantly boost your odds of beating it!  

How to write copy 5 to 10 times faster than you do now. I’ve used these same strategies to write a long-form promo in less than 24 hours!  

Best way to structure your body copy. Keeps your prospect engaged and increases the chances he’ll buy. Plus 3 different ways to structure it depending on the type of product you’re selling.  

Are you making these copy mistakes? Here are 5 of the most common mistakes copywriters make—and how to keep them from diluting the power of your copy.  

● The secret copy technique that gets your copy read to the very end. This strategy used by top copywriters makes your copy like a dish of salted peanuts…and keeps your prospect salivating for more!  

How to set the “bait” for your prospect. Words and techniques that help you write more powerful and compelling headlines. Plus the 3 questions you MUST ask yourself before getting started.  

Three essential jobs of your lead. If it doesn’t do all of these things well, you’ll lose your prospect early on!


What you must do before writing ANY fascination. Here’s how to “mine for gold” and identify the basis of a strong and intriguing bullet. (See how the attendees in the room did with this actual fascination-writing exercise, and try your hand with it, too!)  

● The single most important element of any successful email. Many copywriters and marketers skimp on writing or testing this element…but it’s the biggest needle mover.  

How to make clients LOVE you (and boost your chances of success). Do these simple things and you’ll have your scheduled booked up for months in advance.  

And much more!  

These are the same strategies and techniques I’ve used to beat “unbeatable” controls by legendary copywriters like the late Jim Rutz, and create streams of high-paying royalty income for as long as 10 years or more from a single promotion.  

But that’s not all. I included 146 detailed slides in my COPYWRITING VELOCITY Copy Intensive packed with real-life promo examples. The video training shows these slides clearly, and you’ll get the complete 146-page detailed slide deck as well to refer back to again and again.


You’ll also see and experience the interaction I had with the copywriters and business owners in the room, including questions and valuable input from A-listers Carline Anglade-Cole and “Big Jason” Henderson, both of whom attended my Copy Intensive.  

You missed out on the delicious frittatas, panini sandwiches, and salads I served the lucky attendees at my event. (And hanging out with Carline, Jason, as well as Richard Armstrong and Lori Haller in the all-day Mastermind the next day. Sorry, but those presentations, live copy critiques, and Hot Seats on day two are for the live event attendees only!

But this set of 4 videos from my day one Copy Intensive—along with the complete slide deck and PDFs of the joint supplement control I broke down—are the next best thing to having actually been in the room! You get all of this as part of your COPYWRITING VELOCITY Complete Virtual Program. 

This in-depth training alone will help you gain new skills and expertise so you can write bigger winners faster and more often. It gives you a "tried and true" system and specific tactics for writing profitable, winning promotions you can apply again and again!  

But take a look at everything else you get in this “graduate school”-level copywriting training that can help accelerate your copywriting success, whether you’re a seasoned copywriter or just starting out…  

4 in-depth training modules that go DEEP into the elements of copy  

Several months ago, I put a group of copywriters through a six-month mentoring program. As part of this program I provided in-depth group training where we went deep into the essential elements of copy.


We did a deep dive into headlines…leads…fascinations…and offers and closes. And I’ve got audio recordings of this incredibly valuable 4+ hours of training. Plus I have the same detailed slides I created for this in-depth training.  

You’ll get ALL of it included in your COPYWRITING VELOCITY Complete Virtual Program. Here’s what you’ll discover in your audio recordings and detailed slides:  

HEADLINES: The Art and Science of Writing Headlines That Demand Attention and Get Your Copy Read…including 9 types of headlines with actual promo examples, “which headline won?” real-life tests, how to use a mechanism in your headline, what kind of headline works best for your product and market sophistication, and much more…plus critiques on submitted headlines you can apply to your own headlines!  

LEADS: Secrets to Writing Leads That Hook Prospects Early On and Prime Them to Buy… including the 6 most powerful types of leads (plus specific examples and an analysis of what makes them work), 5 easy opening sentences that get your copy read, the 3 essential things your lead MUST do well, how to decide which type of lead is best for your product and market, and much more!  

FASCINATIONS: The Truth About Fascinations: How to Simply and Easily Maximize Their Selling Power in Your Copy… including 27 fascination formulas that will help your bullets write themselves plus examples of each type, why you should write lots of fascinations no matter what you’re selling, 10 rules for writing fascinations that make your prospect insatiably curious, how to adapt your best fascinations into headlines, email subject lines, sidebars, or even your main hook (plus examples) and much more…plus two fascination-writing exercises and critiques you can apply to your own bullets!  

OFFERS AND CLOSES: Powerful Offers and Closes That Make It Almost Impossible for Prospects NOT to Buy Your Product… including how to structure your offer and give it the best shot of handing you a control (and maximizing your royalties), the 4 primary types of offers (plus do’s and don’ts for each), top tips for a great guarantee including examples, essential elements of a killer close (with an analysis of one of my current controls), the 2 types of essential close copy many copywriters overlook, examples of successful upsells, cross-sells, and down-sells from Justin Goff, and much more! 

These in-depth training sessions allow me to go deeper into each of these essential elements of a successful promotion than I was able to do in the Copy Intensive…and you get detailed slides for each presentation that you’ll refer to again and again.  

But that’s STILL not everything you get in my COPYWRITING VELOCITY Complete Virtual Program. You also get full access to this exclusive training session…  

Hear me break down a recent successful control from start to finish!  

When I first began working with my copywriting mentees, I had recently written a promotion for a division of Agora for an anti-aging supplement. Because the research and writing process was still fresh in my mind, I did an in-depth training session on it.  

I called it “Evolution of a Control” and you’ll get the complete audio recording and detailed slides of my no-holds-barred 90-minute presentation. I’ll even include the email and VSL transcript PDF so you can refer to it. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover:  

How to gain an unstoppable edge by getting what you need in your “start kit”—plus other essentials you should request that many copywriters don’t think to ask for!  

Why you should always go beyond what the client gives you. Here’s where else to look for the best studies and other proof elements to boost your copy’s power.  

How I analyzed the current control I was up against—and identified its strengths and weaknesses. (You can use this same process for every new promo you write!)  

● The actual research article that sparked my “big idea”—and handed me a hot new control. (I take you from initial “spark” to finding the right story to use in my lead).  

● The exact emails I used with my client to move the approval process along quickly and sell them on my desired copy platform. (Many less experienced copywriters flub these communications up!)  

Why I structured the promo the way I did—plus the thinking that went into the order of ingredients presented.  

Where I first introduced the product in the VSL—and what you should always take into consideration when deciding when to introduce yours in any long-form promotion.  

The specific ingredient naming strategy I used to set the product apart from the competition. (You can make even the most common and boring ingredients sound new and unique when you do this!)  

The simple close trick that makes your prospect act NOW (no, it’s NOT a deadline!)  

How to “throw down the gauntlet” in your close copy. This strategy takes “future pacing” to an even more effective level. Plus the actual copy in my promo that did this.  

And much more!  

This 90-minute training session gives you a rare inside glimpse into how a top copywriter approaches a new project, does the research, comes up with the big idea, and then makes all the strategic decisions necessary to craft a successful control. It’s the next best thing to looking over my shoulder as I write it!  

But that’s STILL not everything you get in your COPYWRITING VELOCITY Complete Virtual Program. You’ll also get an audio recording of an exclusive interview

I did with Lee Euler for my mentees…  

Reclusive copywriting legend and successful entrepreneur reveals his hard-won secrets—plus advice every copywriter should hear  

Lee is the founder of the premier, fast-growing supplement company Green Valley Natural Solutions. Plus he runs a publishing business called “Cancer Defeated”.  

He’s also a fantastic copywriter in his own right and spent years freelancing before starting his own information publishing business and then launching his supplement company. In fact, you’re likely familiar with some of Lee’s legendary controls, including his incredibly successful Agora financial promo “Plague of the Black Debt”.  

I sat down with Lee in an hour-long group mentoring call, and he generously provided many insights on copywriting as well as valuable tips for up-and-coming copywriters. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover in this frank, revealing interview:  

● How to beat other copywriters more often. This strategy is exactly how Lee came up with the big idea for his unbeatable “Plague of the Black Debt” blockbuster control.  

Two things you should ALWAYS include at the beginning of your promo…plus a third essential element that can throw its persuasion power over the top!  

The first thing Lee does as soon as his research phase is over. (It almost always helps you spot the most effective hook for your promo!)  

Where to find great ideas for your copy or promo. Even the top A-listers get “stuck” sometimes and do this. 

How the market sophistication for supplement copy has changed. What you must do now to ensure you’re taking the right copy approach.  

The Agora “success secret”. They do this one thing every time they get a winner—and you can do it, too, for your business, no matter how small.  

Do this one thing and increase your customer lifetime value (LTV). Here’s what Lee’s company does with their first-time buyers…and how it can boost your bottom line.


Best way for a copywriter to get their “foot in the door” with a top supplement company. Lee doesn’t hold back on exactly what you should do—and NOT do!  

The REAL reason copy fails. The most frequent mistake copywriters make that can spell death for your promo.  

Lee’s recommended daily habit for working copywriters today. You may be surprised to hear what it is…and it’s actually something you might have fun doing!  

● The single most annoying thing copywriters do that drives Lee crazy. (It could be driving your clients nuts, too—and making them less likely to hire you again!)  

How Lee deals with writer’s block. Use this recommended tactic and you’ll get that copy written, no matter how “blocked” you’re feeling.  

● And much more!  

I’ve known Lee for several years and count him as a friend and client (I’ve also written several successful sales pages and VSLs for him). So he was willing to do me this huge favor and sit down for this insight-packed, eye-opening interview with me.  

Until now, only my small group of copywriting mentees have been able to benefit from Lee’s valuable insights. They’re extremely lucky, since you’d be hard-pressed to find an interview with Lee anywhere else. He rarely does interviews or presentations outside of exclusive masterminds.  

But now I’m able to share this complete, unedited interview with you, with Lee’s blessing. You’ll get the full hour-long recording included in your COPYWRITING VELOCITY Complete Virtual Program.  

With over 11 hours of in-depth training, you can see what an incredible game-changer this program can be for your business or copywriting career. Let’s take a look at everything you get:  

1) 4 Videos of my COPYWRITING VELOCITY Copy Intensive training

2) The complete 146-page detailed slide deck from my Copy Intensive

3) Promo PDFs of the joint supplement sales page and traffic-driver email

4) Headlines training module including slides

5) Leads training module including slides

6) Fascinations training module including slides

7) Offers and Closes training module including slides

8) “Evolution of a Control” promo breakdown plus slides and sales page/email PDFs

9) Exclusive recording of the interview I did with Lee Euler  

While others spent upwards of $3,000 or more to attend my live COPYWRITING VELOCITY event (factoring in the event fee itself, travel expenses, and hotel costs), you can get the same Copy Intensive training…


…PLUS the 5 in-depth training modules AND the interview with Lee Euler I did with my Copy Mentees who paid $12,000 or more for my 6-month program…and all the slides and promo PDFs I’m throwing in…for a mere fraction of what the others paid.  

The total value is worth at least $15,000—and that’s not even counting the cost of missed time from work or with your family if you had traveled to Washington, DC for my event.  

But I want to get this invaluable training into as many people's hands as possible. That’s why I'm making it available to you for just $697.  

This one-of-a-kind program gives you a “graduate level” course in copywriting that's ideal for everyone from a complete beginner to advanced-level copywriter or marketer. It will flood your brain with so many profitable strategies and ideas, you can quickly accelerate your copywriting prowess several times over!

Now you can gain an "unfair advantage" plus enjoy

control-beating superpowers  

This is a rare opportunity to get the benefit of everything I’ve learned over the past 21 years as a top copywriter...develop control-beating superpowers that will have you working with top clients and raking in royalties...and master the secrets of writing A-list level copy I so freely and generously share in this program. 

It's the best way I know to gain an “unfair” advantage over other copywriters and businesses with your greatly enhanced copywriting know-how. (If I'd had an opportunity like this a few decades ago when I was starting out as a freelance copywriter, I would have given my eye-teeth for it, whatever those are!)

Here's your chance to accelerate your copywriting success and take every direct promotion you work on to new levels of profits. I hope you won't pass it up!

Yours for smarter marketing,  


P.S. Testimonials for the crazy amount of world-class, A-list copywriting training packed into my COPYWRITING VELOCITY Complete Virtual Program continue to pour in. Here's just a sampling...  

...April says, "I just finished the 4 videos today and I love them. I was planning to make a super specific template so it would be easier for me to write copy as a beginner. And you just gave me everything. All I need to do is to copy and paste everything on a document. Super thank you!"  

...Vitaly (who originally bought only the virtual program, and then decided to add the group calls I offered this past June after reviewing it), says, "Your training is absolutely amazing!"


...Kammy says, "I'm nearly through the Copywriting Velocity training. SUCH GREAT INFO!! Especially the section on research – definitely the foundation for everything else."  

...and Jordan, who says, "I bought your Copywriting Velocity program and I'm really getting a lot out of it. The tip you gave about [revealed in program] was worth the price of the program alone. Thanks again!"  

[ ] YES! I want to accelerate my copywriting success and learn Kim's control-beating system and secrets to writing A-list level copy! Please give me full and unlimited access to Kim’s COPYWRITING VELOCITY Complete Virtual Program for just $697. I understand all of the training materials included will be delivered to me via downloadable digital files.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the many rave reviews from

Copywriting Velocity attendees (and guest speakers…)  

Walked away with new copywriting “nuggets”!

“Kim didn't hold back on her copywriting secrets in her presentation. She went through, step-by-step, how she approaches her work at a deep level. I mentored with her for 6 months and still walked away with new nuggets to implement right away. The critiques were very helpful to see. The hot seats were eye opening. And the information Kim shared was awesome and well organized.” —Roman Alvarado, Copywriter  

Learned several months’ worth in just hours!

“Thank you for organizing such an intimate, yet intensive workshop. What I learned in a matter of hours would have taken months, if not much longer to discover. I loved the Copy Intensive on the first day. The way you taught the concepts, and then demonstrated their use in your examples really helped connect the dots for me!” —Stacia Wood, Copywriter  

A game-changing experience!

“Kim Krause Schwalm's Copywriting Velocity was a game-changing experience... and I don't say that lightly. See, Copywriting Velocity wasn't your typical ‘event’ where you sit and listen to presentations all day. Instead, it was an intimate and up-close look of what it takes to write A-level copy. To say that Kim has a passion for teaching the next generation is an understatement. I’m honored to be an inaugural member of Copywriting Velocity... and I can say with confidence it won't be my last!” —Josh Rhodes, Copywriter  

She’s the real deal!

“I get so sick of people on the internet pretending to be copywriting gurus without one iota of major-league experience. They drive me crazy. But Kim is someone who has worked at the highest levels of this business, competed against the very best copywriters in the world, and proved herself to be a winner again and again. Kim’s event was fantastic!” —Richard Armstrong, A-List Copywriter and Author  

KIM KRAUSE SCHWALM was always a marketer who could write copy. She spent more than 13 years in the corporate world in various marketing positions—from Brand Manager to Publisher to launching and running the Healthy Directions supplement business and growing it to more than $23 million in sales within 3 years—before she started her freelance copywriting career in 1998. 

Now more than two decades later, Kim has built a reputation as one of the top A-level direct response copywriters in the country. She's racked up dozens of successful direct mail and online controls, beating legendary copywriters and becoming the first female copywriter to get Boardroom control.  

Kim writes winning copy and creates breakthrough marketing strategies for leading companies such as Soundview, Bottom Line, Agora, Green Valley Natural Solutions, and many others both in the United States and from England to Germany to Singapore. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics from Miami University in Ohio, and earned her MBA in Marketing from Loyola University Maryland.  

Kim credits her creative and analytical mind and marketing know-how for giving her a must-needed edge in today’s increasingly competitive copywriting world—and wants to help others gain the same “marketing- savvy” advantage. She’s one of the few top-level copywriting veterans who’s still writing copy for clients…while being willing to share her success secrets to help up-and-coming copywriters go from “good” to “great”.  

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