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  • 46 packed issues. . .

  • 260 content-rich pages. . .

  • 24 "What's in Kim's Mailbox?" promo breakdowns. . .

  • 5 copy critiques of reader-submitted promos. . .

  • Link to exclusive interview with David Garfinkel with Kim breaking down one of her successful controls. . .

  • Handy table of contents lists specific topics and promos featured in each issue to make it easy to find what you're looking for. . .

  • And much more--with every page "dripping with copywriting gold" as one reader put it. Also often described as "effing awesome" and "absolutely magical"!

You'll want to read, highlight, and refer to every issue, page, and example again and again. Here's just a glimpse of what you'll discover...

  • How to use "velvet rope" exclusivity in your sales copy---and make your prospect ache to be part of that inner circle. (Study this highly-successful anti-aging promo to see how it's done.) Page 11

  • The #1 secret to getting paid more. Plus the one thing you can do right now to instantly elevate yourself in the eyes of your prospective clients. Page 138

  • How to amplify the selling power of your offer...and make it almost impossible for your prospect to say "no"! See these sidebar copy and graphic design examples on page 38 that dimensionalize your offer and guarantee.

  • Two little words that give whatever you say next instant credibility. Plus the 4-word phrase that helps win your prospect over. See page 123.

  • The one client "red flag" you must NEVER ignore. Use the screening technique on page 222 to weed these potential nightmare clients out.

  • Renoir's secret to editing your copy like an artist. Plus when you should NEVER turn in your draft to a client. Answer revealed on page 15.

  • Simple technique lets you beat the blank page blues. Do this one thing as soon as you finish your research or discovery call. Helps you write sizzling copy much faster! Page 21

  • How to add ironclad credibility and authority to your promo...and make your sales skyrocket. (See this print ad example on page 23 for ideas.)

  • Why your prospect doesn't want what you think he wants. Dan Kennedy's secret to really getting inside your prospect's head and understanding his true motivations. Page 100

  • The dirty, ugly truth about freelance copywriting---and how to get really really good. Plus the career-killing mistake to avoid if you take an in-house position. See page 167.

  • Secret to grabbing your prospect by the eyeballs. Make sure your promo looks like this. Real-life promo demonstrates how doing so can get your product or service "head-turning" results. Page 31

  • The offer-killing mistake that paralyzes your prospect from taking action. Plus four more common mistakes that can drag your promo results down (they can all be fixed with the right copy and positioning strategies.) Page 37

  • How to make it EASY for your customers to buy from you. Pay attention to these Do's and Don'ts when it comes to presenting your offer. Plus the secret to effective up-selling and cross-selling. Page 247

  • Where to find FREE copy inspiration that's worth a fortune. Surprising place to look to discover brilliant copy ideas for headlines, email subject lines, lead magnet or premium titles, and more! Page 67

  • Why taking big risks can lead to huge winners---and build entire businesses. Plus a breakdown of the late Jim Rutz's legendary "Read This or Die" promo that added more than 100,000 subscribers to a health newsletter. Page 78

  • Best way to prove what you're saying in your copy and demonstrate your product or service. Plus 8 more tried-and-true techniques that make your copy more believable! Page 194

  • Are you insulting your prospect? Two examples of promos that landed in Kim's mailbox that risk offending their prospective buyers---and what they could have done differently. See pages 87 and 95.

  • The one character trait you MUST have to make it as a copywriter. (No, it's not resilience!) Plus why you probably don't want to play Kim in pool. Page 211.

  • Never do THIS when talking to a prospective client the first time. Makes them run in the opposite direction or drops your negotiating power exponentially. Page 230

  • Three common copy mistakes that trip up your reader. Easily corrected when you know how to spot them. You must do so in order to avoid losing your prospect or diluting the power of your copy. See page 214 for details.

  • When negativity works in copy. Try this twist on "future pacing" to motivate your prospect to take action. Actual copy example from Kim's long-running financial promo control that beat Jim Rutz---twice. Page 108

  • How to make your subheads more effective at getting people to buy from you. Utilize this Dr. Robert Cialdini "pre-suasion" secret. Real-life examples from a successful control promotion. Page 54

  • And much more!

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