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Starting January 2020

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Are YOU the next A-List copywriter?

Are you interested in learning more about copywriting, especially in the lucrative health, supplement, and financial niches? 

Do you feel passionate about helping people be better off in ways they desire by providing more effective solutions for their health, finances, and other important areas of their life than what the mainstream marketplace offers them?

Do you like the idea of picking and choosing your projects and clients, getting paid 4 and 5-figure advances to book your schedule out months in advance, and walking out to your mailbox to find fat royalty checks for promotions you wrote months,  even years ago?

All of this is possible—even in today’s competitive copywriter arena. It’s what I’ve been doing for the past 20+ years as a top A-List copywriter. I’m now ready to share everything I’ve learned with a select group of bright, motivated, already established or up-and-coming copywriters.

Starting in January 2020, my "Fast Track to A-List" group mentoring program will teach you everything you need to know to significantly elevate the persuasion power and success of your copy. It's designed to accelerate your ascent upwards on the copywriting "ladder" and achieve your goals, whether it's making MORE money, enjoying greater flexibility and control over your life, or BOTH!

This is a rare chance to get hands-on training and critiques from a top working A-List copywriter... someone who's worked with the biggest direct response companies in the world...and racked up dozens of controls in highly competitive niches over the past few decades.


Not only will I teach you everything I've learned along the way about creating highly successful sales pages, direct mail promos, VSLs, email campaigns, and much more, I'll also reveal my strategies for finding the best clients and negotiating the best-paying deals, including royalties.

This 10-month mentoring program starts in January 2020 and runs through the end of October or early November.


It's a full 10-month commitment that will challenge you to significantly improve your copy skills, while increasing your confidence and ability to take on a wider range of higher-paying projects.


What's more, this program will help strengthen your ability to find and close clients, negotiate the best arrangements, and run and organize your freelance business and life.

There are two tracks within the program: "Fast Track to A-List" and "Fast Track to A-List Premium".  Both tracks are the same except with one key difference:  "Fast Track to A-List Premium" also includes private copy reviews and critiques from me each month.  Because of this personalized attention, the "Fast Track to A-List Premium" is limited to no more than 10 members.

Here's everything you get as a member of my "Fast Track to A-List" Copy Mentoring Program:

You’ll complete an intake survey and get a coaching call with me to kick things off.  Once you sign up, you'll get an intake survey which you'll complete and return to me, along with 1-2 of your best copy samples (if you have them). We'll then get on a 30-minute one-on-one call to review your goals

You’ll participate in group mentoring calls TWICE each month. Each call will last 60-90 minutes and will be recorded (with audio and video files provided to each member).  In each call, we'll do some or all of the following:


      -- Hear me analyze and breakdown a successful control, with emphasis on a specific topic we're focusing on in the call (for example, my research/"big idea" process, headlines, leads, fascinations, etc.);  you'll receive a PDF or other digital copy of the control promo in advance so you can review it

      -- Review and discuss each participant's copy exercises; each month there will be 1-2 practice assignments focusing on one aspect of writing copy for a promo; you'll be strongly encouraged to complete them and turn them in to me in advance of the group mentoring call  where I'll go over it

     -- Have the opportunity to submit your copy for a live critique or feedback from me during the group mentoring call (depending on what else we're covering and the length of the promo)

    -- Discuss client and business-building challenges and strategies, and other freelance business advice and problem-solving in training, Q&A's with Kim, and "hot seats" where members get a chance to focus on a specific problem they're each facing and get advice from Kim and other members

You’ll be presented with periodic copy assignments from actual clients--these will be optional and likely on "spec", but if used will result in your getting paid and potentially receiving future work

You’ll become one of the “go-to” copywriters to whom I refer potential clients for paying projects I can’t fit into my schedule or feel aren’t right for me—without paying me any referral fees


You’ll be on my short list when I need to bring in copywriters to help me on projects, giving you real-life experience working side-by-side with me (and getting paid)

You’ll find yourself a “copy buddy” (maybe a few) from the other members of the group—together you can read/critique each other’s copy and get better together

You’ll get to attend a "Fast Track to A-List" mastermind meeting at the end of our 10 months together--this will likely be before or after the Copy Chief Live event held in late October; we'll celebrate your success and growth, and in live "hot seats" help develop a plan for where you go next

With my "Fast Track to A-List Premium" Copy Mentoring Program, you get all of the above PLUS:

You’ll get 1-2 private copy critiques from me each month (or as much as I can fit into 2 hours of my time/ per month/per Premium member), where I'll provide comments and suggestions on your Word or Google Doc accompanied by a brief video (on occasion I may do an individual call, time permitting)

Throughout the program, I'll be making reference to the material covered in my Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program and getting deeper into the training beyond what's in the program.  So it'll be a requirement for either track you're on that you have this program...and (important) that you've gone through it (or will go through it during the "Fast Track to A-List" Copy Mentoring Program).

Exclusive Charter Member Pricing available through December 31, 2019:

Fast Track to A-List Copy Mentoring Program Premium (with private copy critiques; limited to 10 people):

Pay up-front: 10 months for $9990  (includes my Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program)

(Already bought my Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program? You save $500 & pay $9490)


2 payments: 5 months for $5500 plus $500 for my Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program (if you haven't bought it yet); 1st payment due upon enrollment, 2nd payment due May 1, 2020

Fast Track to A-List Copy Mentoring Program (without private copy critiques):

Pay up-front: 10 months for $4990  (includes my Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program)

(Already bought my Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program? You save $500 & pay $4490)


2 payments: 5 months for $2750 plus $500 for my Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program (if you haven't bought it yet); 1st payment due upon enrollment, 2nd payment due May 1, 2020

If you've been invited to join, you should have received an email from me.


Please follow the instructions in that email to sign up and guarantee your spot for what's sure to be a game-changer for your copywriting career or business in 2020 and beyond.

If you haven't received an invitation to join, please contact me to get on the wait list.


Provide a brief description of your copywriting experience and what you’re looking for most to get out of this program.



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