"Girl on Fire" Strategies and Inspiration to Help You Soar!

When Kim Krause Schwalm was working as a marketer and eventually as a copywriter, she always looked for female role models who could inspire her. Years later, Kim launched a private Facebook group  for female copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs called "The Girls Club".  On the first day of each month when she was running the group,  Kim would highlight a woman who’s making great strides to inspire the other women in the group. . . and name her that month’s “Girl on Fire”.


In these two commemorative books, Kim’s pulled together the original posts and profiles for each of her past Girls on Fire.  What's more, these amazing Girls on Fire have each provided their own stories and lessons highlighting a personal experience or area of expertise you’re sure to find valuable.


These lessons will give you profitable insights, strategies, and wisdom you can put to work for your copywriting or business right away. . . whether you’re a gal or a guy! Everything is delivered in a beautifully-designed, instantly downloadable e-book.

Girls on Fire Book 2018

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In this eye-opening and inspiring book, you’ll discover 6 surprising secrets to finding new clients, breaking out of ruts, and getting “un-stuck” from copywriter and marketing consultant Mandy Marksteiner. . .the fastest way to become an authority in your market from copywriter and book-launch strategist Deborah Owen. . .the one thing you must do to get moving towards any major life or business change from entrepreneur and marketing strategist Jenny Thompson. . .three radical steps for kickstarting

your creative fire from storytelling and content strategist Jenny Sjolund. . .why tough times can actually make your business more successful from blogger, author, and publisher Daisy Luther. . .how to kill procrastination and go on to achieve amazing things from copywriter, storyteller, and adventurer Molly Pearson. . .and much more from others, including copywriters Tara Waechter, Suzanne Hamilton, and Steffi Baker, actress Heidi Kerring, and even Kim Krause Schwalm’s dog Pearl!

Girls on Fire Book 2016-17

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This packed volume reveals 10 magical copy creation tricks that let your copy practically write itself from email copywriter and coach Teresa Misty RHN. . .secrets to gaining thousands of followers on social media from entrepreneur and mentor Stefanie Klenner. . . the one-minute email technique to closing copywriting clients from copywriter and marketing consultant Allison Carpio. . .four universal keys to entrepreneurial success from executive resume business owner Lisa Rangel. . .how to stand out from the sea of

copywriters and consultants and have clients practically begging for a slot on your schedule from direct response video consultant, copywriter, and producer Alina Medina. . .and more from other female copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs, including Vicky Fraser, Pauline Longdon, Lindsay Sacks, Lauren Hazel, Hillary Styles, Christy Goldfeder, Sherri Caldwell, Terri Melling Sassone, and Sindy Berner.

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