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Today on Geniuses Of Copywriting we speak to Kim Krause Schwalm, one of the youngest-looking 20-year veterans of direct response, who's responsible for a ton of controls and winners at companies like Boardroom, Agora Financial and even National Geographic.


You'll discover:


  • The story of growing her division at Philips Publishing to $30M in revenue in the 90's using direct response copy

  •  How she wrote a winner 6-page mailer that sold a TON of $400 air purifiers with a powerful story

  •  Back end sales: The secret strategy of all successful businesses


Kim is a world class copywriter & marketing strategist with experience working with some of the biggest names and companies in direct response.

A-List Copy Advice

May 10, 2018

What you’ll learn in this interview:


  • How Kim started her career as a freelance copywriter and earned 50% more than in her previous six-figure job

  • Why she prefers the lifestyle of a freelance copywriter over being employed

  • What paper never, ever to sign (hint: she calls it the golden handcuffs for a reason)

  • How Kim built a successful career in copywriting with over 20 years of experience

  • What she would do if she was a new copywriter just starting out

  • Which exact steps Kim uses when doing research for a new product​

Just Add Hustle

December 07, 2017

JAH 27: Kim Krause Schwalm On Becoming An A-List Copywriter

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Kim’s background as a marketer influenced her career as a copywriter …

  • How the power of a big idea transformed Kim’s first magalog from a bomb to a blockbuster …

  • What Kim would do if she had to rebuild her copywriting business from scratch today and only had $100 to invest …

  • Why Kim advises copywriters to NOT work on spec (and what to do instead to land great clients) …

  • And lots more!

Agora Call

October 17, 2017

"Live To 120" sales page promo---Kim talks about her approach to creating this strong control for an anti-aging supplement and why she thinks it's so successful

Monster Mice with Mandy Marksteiner--How to Find Gold in Any Business

June 29, 2017

Kim Krause Schwalm is one of the top A-level direct response copywriters in the country. She’s racked up dozens of successful direct mail and online controls, beating legendary copywriters and becoming the first female copywriter to get a Boardroom control.

Before she began her career as a freelance copywriter she ran the Healthy Directions supplement business, and grew it to more than $23 million in sales within 3 years.

In this interview, she reveals several ways that marketers and entrepreneurs can unearth nuggets of gold hidden their own businesses.

How to Find Hidden Gold in Any Business

Inspired Insider, Dr. Jeremy Weisz--Designing Effective Sales Offers with Kim Krause Schwalm

May 31, 2017

In this episode…

What does it take to connect with your customer base in a way that grabs their attention? How can business leaders like you design irresistible sales offers? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from sales copywriter extraordinaire Kim Krause Schwalm. Kim opens up and shares from her years of experience and expertise as a successful sales copywriter. She touches on topics like taking risks, advice for new copywriters, writing a compelling renewal, what makes a good initial offer, lessons she learned from legends like Jay Abraham, and so much more! You don’t want to miss this exciting and interesting episode with Kim.

The Copywriter Club--TCC Podcast #40: What “A-Listers” Have in Common with Kim Krause Schwalm

May 25, 2017

Kim Krause Schwalm joins Rob and Kira to share her thoughts and advice about copywriting. She also talks about how she went from successful marketing director to control-beating copywriter in less than two years. It’s a great story. Along the way she shared her thoughts about:
•  climbing the copywriter ladder (and why it’s so lucrative)
•  how to stay in control of your writing process
•  the copywriting lessons she (re)learned from Parris Lampropolous and Clayton Makepeace
• the one thing all A-list copywriters have in common
• and why you might not want Kim to make your next lasagna

Business for Superheroes Podcast with Vicky Fraser--The Big Copywriting Sausage-Fest

March 04, 2017

Copywriters are a funny lot. Some of us run a business… and some drown under the weight of bills and responsibilities. Some of us go out and find the great clients and charge high prices… and some sit and wait and whine and get poor and unhappy.And, if you believe what you see on the surface, all the top copywriters are men. Not so. It’s just the men are louder and brasher and have bigger egos than we do. But if you look, there are plenty of amazing A-list female copywriters hiding in plain sight. Like Kim Krause Schwalm. She’s been writing for a loooooong time, and she’s worked with the likes of Gary Bencivenga (legendary copywriter), David Deutsch, Paris Lampropoulos, John Carlton. (And she’s beaten loads of A-lister controls, too, including the great Jim Rutz. Impressive stuff.) Kim has had her head down, working quietly in the background, making millions and millions of dollars for her clients… and now she’s starting to stick her head up there. Why? Because she wants the big marketing and copywriting conference stages filled with at least 50% women, instead of the sausage-fest it is at the moment. Take a listen to find out more...

Copy Chief, Kevin Rogers--Episode 107: Kim Krause Schwalm – Consistently Beating Control Ads

February 27, 2017

Listen to find out how Kim made a habit of writing control-beating sales copy, and how to become a top level in-demand freelancer.

5 “Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • How Kim beat a Jim Rutz Control ad that got her an immediate phone call from Boardroom… with no mentor, no writer community, and no reputation!


  • The rookie mistake Kim made in a big supplement promo (and the one small tweak she made to turn it all around and earn 200k in royalties instead!)


  • The biggest myth about “A-list” copywriters you must never fall prey to as a freelancer. (Ignoring this career-killer can ruin your future gigs)

  • The “Columbo” trick to extracting the juiciest hooks straight from your client’s mouth. (You don’t even need to come up with clever ideas if you simply do this!)


  • The single biggest thing most copywriters overlook during research. (Do what Kim suggests instead to set yourself apart from average writers and earn the big bucks!)


  • Are you still focusing on being a “copywriter”? (Why this outdated strategy won’t help your career… and what Kim advises you do instead to become an in-demand freelancer)

McMethod Episode #149 – Kim Schwalm On Control-Busting Secrets To Freelance Copywriting Freedom

February 09, 2017

Interview with David Allan where Kim reveals the following:

  • The “Godzilla” start to her long-form copy career and how to put yourself in the way of opportunity.

  • How she defeated two copywriting legends and sent her stock through the roof. (After previous Boardroom brush-offs!)

  • The one book NOBODY told her about when she worked at Phillips Publishing. (If you haven’t read it yet – get on it)

  • One tip for freelancers that could rescue you from your parents basement while you get paid.

  • The illegal lengths she went to in acquiring the absolute best knowledge. She was actually in the room when this legend gave his famous presentation.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer, by Mindy McHorse

December 01, 2014

Interview with Mindy McHorse featured in Barefoot Writer magazine

What Has Your Direct Mail Control Done for You Lately?

May 04, 2011

Article in DMAW Marketing Advents magazine about keeping your promotions fresh and working well.

The Total Package, Clayton Makepiece

May 05, 2008

The Secret to Becoming An “A” Level Copywriter

Anatomy of A Control: KCI's Personal Finance Looks Beyond the Self-mailer and Wins Big

July 01, 2004

Article in Inside Direct Mail magazine about testing into an envelope format from a self-mailer.

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