A 20+ year portfolio of successful direct response promotions

Below are just a few examples of successful direct response controls I've written for various products. They've generated hundreds of millions of dollars for my clients, and some have remained profitable controls for as long as 11 years (and counting!)


I specialize in long-form copy for online sales pages, video sales letters, and direct mail promos like magalogs. However, also on occasion I write shorter sales and landing pages, emails, and other copy needed to support successful launches or new promotions.


Over the past 20 years or more, I've pretty much written every kind of copy for a wide range of products and services sold directly to consumers...and developed and directed marketing and brand strategy in my 13 years in marketing prior to becoming a copywriter.


You can see more of my current and past control promotions at the following link here. If you'd like to discuss hiring me to write copy and would like to see any relevant work samples, please get in touch with me using the contact form below.

Journal of Natural Medicine soundview Kim Krause Schwalm copywriter magalog control

CircO2—Soundview/Advanced Bionutritionals

Direct mail magalog control for Soundview/Advanced Bionutritionals' CircO2 nutritional supplement. This promotion began mailing in 2017 and was designed by Rob Davis. 20-page magazine-sized self-mailer. Has also been running online as both a highly-successful sales page and a video sales letter, generating millions of dollars in revenue.

Green Valley sinus miracle promo

My Sinus Miracle—Green Valley Natural Solutions

Highly-successful long-form online sales page for a sinus health supplement. This copy was the original launch promo in 2018 and has been running as a strong control since that time. A newer version with a different headline and lead focusing on lung and immune health has since been tested.

Journal of Natural Medicine digestive formula sounview magalog/issuelog self-mailer

Integrative Digestive Formula —Soundview/Advanced Bionutritionals

This "magalog"/issuelog-style self-mailer, which I originally wrote in 2011, was still running as a highly successful control nearly a decade later. This digestive formula is based on a variety of natural therapies, including Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine. The promo originally had Dr. Nan Fuchs as the endorser (was later switched to Dr. Janet Zand). The same copy has also been used successfully as an online sales page.

Baordroom superfoods bookalog

Superfoods Rx—Boardroom

This 48-page, "bookalog" digest-sized self-mailer first mailed in 2007. It was still mailing as the control 10 years later. The promotion is for a book about the health benefits of superfoods and was designed by Rob Davis.

Journal of Natural Medicine advanced memory Soundview issue-style magalog

Advanced Memory Formula—Soundview/Advanced Bionutritionals

This 20-page issue-style magalog promotion is one of my most successful supplement controls. It mailed as a control with various headlines for more than 8 years. On two occasions I updated the copy and tested new headlines and leads when new ingredients were added to the formula, and the promo remained the control. Designed by Rob Davis.

Green Valley vital force control long-form online sales page

Vital Force—Green Valley Natural Solutions

Highly successful control long-form online sales page for an anti-aging supplement. It began running in early 2017 and became an unbeatable control for nearly 3 years. Originally designed by Lori Haller and Tom Bergey. I recently updated this sales page with a new headline and lead and it's regained its control status.

Journal of Natural Health Soundview bone support supplement issuelog self-mailer

Ultimate Bone Support supplement promotion—Soundview/Advanced Bionutritionals

This "issuelog” self-mailer was a highly successful control for a bone health supplement. I also wrote the original launch promotion for this supplement. Both promos ran as controls for several years. For this promo, I interviewed several women who had used the product successfully and incorporated their stories into the promotion. Designed by Rob Davis.

Skin Care Insider News Soundview night cream direct mail magalog control

Systeme 41 Night Cream—Soundview/Systeme 41

Direct mail magalog control for Soundview/'s Systeme 41 night cream skincare product. This promotion began mailing in 2015 and was designed by Rob Davis. 16-page magazine-sized self-mailer.

Green Valley joint relief long-form online sales page

Triple Joint Relief—Green Valley Natural Solutions

Successful long-form online sales page that began running in early 2018 for joint supplement and became a strong control for more than 2 years.

Boardroom tax hotline faux issue magalog-style direct mail promo

Tax Hotline—Boardroom

“Faux issue” magalog-style direct mail promotion that beat Parris Lampropulous’ long-running “faux IRS notice” 7-year control. By becoming the new control, this promo put me on the map as a copywriter and made me the first female copywriter to ever get a Boardroom control. Designed by Rob Davis.

Complete Survival Manual—National Geographic

This 40-page "bookalog" self-mailer was a new format test for National Geographic, who traditionally uses component packages with shorter copy to promote its books. This promotion was a breakthrough success for the company and mailed for years. Designed by Michelle Raes.

National Geographic survival manual bookalog self-mailer

Women’s Health Letter—Soundview Communications

This successful control for the newsletter "Women's Health Letter" utilized an "issuelog"-look for the design. Designed by Lori Haller, this promotion was one of my long-running controls for this publication. The format is a magazine-sized self-mailer. A completely new version of copy ran later in a women’s magazine-style format as the control and was designed by former Rodale designer Michelle Raes.

women's health letter soundview issuelog
women's health letter soundview issuelog
Soundview power plate newsletter insert

Power Plate—Soundview

This 8-page promotion has mailed as both a newsletter insert and a back-end mailing to subscribers of Soundview's health newsletters. It's been working well to sell a $2,495 piece of exercise equipment directly to consumers since 2011, and the same promo is still being used today.

Nature Trade Center miracle joint supplement promo self-mailer

OPC Miracle Joint Complex supplement promo—Nature Trade Center

This tabloid-sized 16-page self-mailer for a joint health supplement mailed for more than 10 years in various formats as the control. It was my first nutritional supplement control promotion. Designed by Diane Koczur.

KCI Personal Finance issuelog

Personal Finance—KCI Communications

This 24-page "issuelog"-style magazine-sized self-mailer beat Jim Rutz's control for this financial publisher's flagship newsletter. Originally designed by Don Pierce, the same copy was converted into a #10 component package (designed by Lori Haller) with a carrier that read "Current Issue Enclosed". This envelope teaser copy subsequently appeared on multiple competitors' financial promotions that followed.

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