A little "too" excited to see neighbors

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

The other day I broke out of "quarantine" hell and headed to the local Wegmans.

Going to the grocery store these days is an outer-worldly experience. Donning a mask and gloves...sidestepping other shoppers or avoiding some aisles completely...and waiting back behind a line of tape on the floor before stepping up to the checkout line (after the clerk has wiped everything down in between orders).

Then there's the fun of coming home and cleaning everything off with Lysol wipes before putting it away. But the most exciting part of my Saturday was driving back home down my street and seeing...neighbors!

It was a sunny, beautiful day, and everyone was out. Look, there's Barbara from Book Club, handing out face masks she made for each of the neighbors (for real!)

And look, there's Elka and her two daughters out for a walk! Excitement!!! Woo hoo! 

I slowed my car multiple times to wave frantically at my neighbors...people I actually KNOW who aren't my FAMILY!!!

I realize what I just described is probably everyone's experience right now. We're feeling cut-off in many ways from the rest of the world...and even if we're lucky enough to be living with loved ones, we're gettin' a bit weary of seeing the same faces, and discovering new ways they're annoying the heck out of us.

That's why having some sort of COMMUNITY is so important...even a virtual one. Really, it's always been crucial to have this as a freelance copywriter. But now it's more needed than ever.

(It's also why it was so much fun hosting my "Cocktails and Copy" call this past Friday afternoon. More on that in a moment! And if you missed it, stay tuned...)

I've been talking the past week or so about ways you can attract more clients, or find that first client if you're just starting out. I've shared with you my favorite tactics, like "milking" your contacts and current/past work relationships to get referrals.

I've shared with you my favorite "virtual" mastermind and Facebook groups, too. But I've been meaning to also let you know about a great copywriter community that I highly recommend.

It's Copy Chief and I've known and have mentored many copywriters who are members.

I've seen how much value they get out of connecting with other copywriters, having people they can bounce off questions or get quick opinions on copy from.

I've seen the valuable training resources and people they get access to as James Schramko, Laura Belgray, Todd Herman, and others.

And I also see how all the time...even now with all the COVID-19 craziness...people in Copy Chief are getting access to freelancing and job opportunities right and left. These are quality clients and paying projects...and they regularly go to Copy Chief members.

In fact, I've seen my own clients and colleagues routinely recruit within Copy Chief.

Kevin Rogers is a friend and a great guy. He's created a wonderful community (and puts on a live event each year I haven't missed's one of my favorites). I really love his tagline, "Nobody writes alone".

Those 3 little words seem to resonate more than ever right now with a lot of us...even us long-time copywriters who are quite used to working from home alone in our office (and kind of prefer it that way).

So if there was ever a good time to join Copy Chief...for the community, the training and support, and the freelance job leads...I can't think of a better time than right now.

If you decide to join up at the annual membership rate, you'll save $500 right off the top. And when you do so at my special link here, I'll give you a free copy critique done by me personally. (That's worth at least $500-$1,000 right there!)

You can join at a monthly rate instead, but you'll end paying at least $500 more over 12 months...and you won't get my bonus copy critique.

Now, back to "Cocktails and Copy". The call ended up going almost 90 minutes as I sipped my favorite Scotch (the only one I actually like) and did a live edition of "What's in Kim's Mailbox".

I tore through multiple email promos I've received recently (plus a few I wrote with a new immune and lung health angle for existing controls)...a direct mail promo with some very big Coronavirus claims...and a wine club promo that warrants further studying and analysis.

I also did a Q&A at the end and we had several Copy Insiders on the call who chimed in with answers and valuable insights for some of the questions. Thanks to David Baumann, Justin Blackman, Jerrod Harlan, and all the others who jumped in.

I didn't record the call, so if you missed it you missed it. But here's the good news.

Over the next few days, I plan to share with you some of the promos I talked about in "What's in Kim's Mailbox".

Yours for smarter marketing,


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