Ben and Dan and me

I wrote you yesterday about the best person I know in Direct Marketing...Brian Kurtz.

Brian and I go back many years (decades?), and he's not only helped me many times, he's helped lift and mentor and support at least hundreds of copywriters, marketers, biz owners, and other colleagues along the way.

Well, let me share a few stories (and shout-outs) about Ben Settle and Doberman Dan.

They're both going to be making rare appearances as guests on a live call that's happening tomorrow (Thursday, April 9th) at 11am Eastern.

But as I mentioned in yesterday's email, you need to be a member of Brian Kurtz's virtual mastermind called Titans Xcelerator. Brian's offering a series of these weekly calls over the coming weeks (months, if this coronavirus mess lingers on), expanding beyond the one to two calls he typically does each month.

(In fact, not to get ahead of myself, Brian's going to have Perry Marshall on next Thursday's call on April 16th as his special guest.... and I'm sure he'll have many more phenomenal guests in the coming weeks.)

Getting a chance to glean this kind of copy/marketing/business wisdom up close and personal is more timely than ever...whether you're facing multiple challenges or overwhelmed with opportunities right now.

And I'm sure Ben and Dan have many "value bombs" they're going to generously share on tomorrow's Titans Xcelerator call. (See the P.S. below for a special incentive I've arranged for Copy Insiders if you join now and do the annual option. There's a monthly option, too, which you can also take advantage of.)

Ben Settle, as you may know, made his name as a highly successful email copywriter. He now runs a million-dollar-plus a year mini-publishing empire as a solopreneur, tucked away in his oceanfront house in Oregon.

I remember hearing of Ben several years ago when, on a Warrior Forum, he listed my name (and some of my pals', like Carline Anglade-Cole) as some of the best female copywriters, in response to a question.

Then in October 2016 when I attended the AWAI Boot Camp, I met Ben for the first time in person. It was at a big group dinner with people like Clayton Makepeace, John Carlton, Brian Kurtz, and many other legends at the table.

Apparently Ben had been the one who wanted to meet me...he'd seen me years before on Gary Bencivenga's seminar videos (there was a point during Gary's live seminar when he had me stand up and talk about one of my successful promos).

Well, there's a funny story that Ben likes to tell sometimes when he promotes my copywriting programs to his Email Players list...we basically started arguing about everything, but ended up hitting it off.

Then I saw Ben a few days later at Brian Kurtz's mastermind, where Ben was speaking. And that's when Ben pulled me aside and asked, "Why don't you have a copywriting product?"

It was something I honestly hadn't considered at the time. But I was intrigued and decided to start diving in and building a list and sharing my knowledge with others.

Ben subsequently had me do an interview, which he sent to his Email Players subscribers (of which I am now one and have been for years. I highly recommend it). And since that time Ben's promoted some of my copywriting training programs to his list. He's been a huge supporter all along, starting with promoting my first live event (my LA Boot Camp Intensive) back in early 2017.

Ben might come off like a bit of curmudgeon...but I know I'm not alone in being someone who he's given a nudge or push to, and then backed it up by being supportive. Ben's done that for many in our industry (including many successful female entrepreneurs I know!)

If you get the chance to learn from Ben--or hear one of his rare no-holds-barred talks (like tomorrow's), you don't want to pass it up. Same for Doberman Dan.

I'm also on Dan's email list and like hearing what he has to say (I can't say I've ever heard him talk publicly...but he has done seminars on rare occasions). He's the classic entrepreneur but also a pretty damn good copywriter. He has lots of great, hard-won knowledge to share.

Funny story about how I met Doberman Dan: it was the morning after the epic, whirlwind, now legendary 2-3 day "Titans of Direct Response" event Brian Kurtz put on back in 2014. I'd been up very late the night before, hanging out with a group of attendees and speakers in the hotel lobby (after closing down the bar)...people like Jay Abraham, Abbey Woodcock, and others.

Brian had very generously gifted a ton of books, binders full of swipes, and other incredibly valuable content to every attendee. It was far beyond what any human could fit into a suitcase. So his team had set up a FedEx shipping service in the basement of the Stamford Marriott.

Only problem was, I got there quite a bit late (did I mention my late night?) By the time I walked in to the mammoth empty room, there were boxes and some stray FedEx labels laying around, and not much else.

I took my "haul" of attendee gifts over to the nearest box and started doing my own packing and taping. Then I noticed there was one other person who'd arrived late to the packing party as well.  He asked me how we were supposed to send these out if there was no one from FedEx there anymore.

Since I have a FedEx account for my business and had my account number with me, I told him not to worry...he could use my account number and pay me back later.

Then I asked, by the way, what's your name?

It was Doberman Dan.

I had heard of him, and he at least acted like he knew of me, and we became instant friends. You just never know who you're going to meet in the basement of the Stamford Marriott!

Dan and I have stayed in touch over the years. He's given me quick copy critiques, promoted my events, and done many things to be supportive.

I guess there are many lessons in these stories...but the main thing is to always be a giver, not just a taker. The more you GIVE in business, the more you get.

In fact, I have this paperweight on my desk to remind me of this crucial lesson that's helped me throughout my career...and inspired me to help many others...

Some great advice for business, and for life!

Yours for smarter marketing,


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