Birth. Day.

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

A week ago I celebrated my birthday at the beach.

It was on July 11th ("oh thank heaven for 7-11!")

And today is my oldest child's 23rd birthday. Or should I say "man child".

So happy birthday to us!

But the reason I'm thinking of "birth. days" is actually related to being a copywriter.

It's about one of the most important traits needed to succeed in copywriting, or anything else in life.

But first, let's go back to talk about my birth day. That's right, the day of my birth.

I was born at Mercy Hospital in downtown Baltimore, a few blocks from the Washington Monument. The marble used to build this smaller version of the much bigger one in DC came from a quarry on one of my long-ago ancestors' property.

The maternity ward was located in the basement of the hospital. Back then there were no plush birthing rooms with fancy meal options and decor to match.

Nope, they put all the women giving birth down in a cold, institutional-like basement.

I was my mom's first baby she ever delivered. And it turned out I was breech--meaning turned upside down the "wrong" way.

My mom, a petite 23-year-old, fought like a warrior to deliver me. These days, she would have been wheeled into c-section surgery tout suite, given a pain shot in the back, and voila--I'd have been born.

But that's not how it went for my dear mom.

Instead, they tried using forceps to turn me around the "right" way. The doctors reached up inside and tried using their hands to re-position me. They even used their fists to actually punch my mom "down there" to try to get me to move on my own.

She endured all this for nearly 23 hours, without any midwives, doulas, or other support. In a cold, stark basement of a hospital.

When I finally came out, my mom said the doctors were astonished.

She'd worried that with all I'd been through--being prodded with forceps, poked, and punched, that I'd be covered with bruises.

But she and the doctors were amazed to see there wasn't a single mark on me. She said I was the most beautiful baby they ever saw.

My mom's determination to give birth to me no matter what, and hang in there with no food or drugs for nearly a full day, pushing me out into this world with everything she had, is something I'm thankful for to this very day.

It's a great example of resilience...something every copywriter needs to have to bounce back from the inevitable bombs, failures, lousy clients, getting stiffed on payment, and all the other stuff that comes with being a freelancer at one time or another on the journey.

We've all been there before. Know that you CAN do this, when you give it everything you've got.

Just like my mom did to have me.

Yours for smarter marketing,


P.S. After all she'd been through when she had me, my mom's OB/GYN was shocked when she showed up "preggers" again less than a year after having me. But mom went on to have two more younger brothers. Luckily she didn't have to go through with them what she went through with me. Maybe that's why she loves me more (kidding!!! hope my bros aren't reading this)

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