Burpees from "hell"...

I just wrapped up one of my twice-weekly, hour-long workouts via Zoom with Copy Insider (and gym owner) Charles Bram.

As a result, "yours truly" is writing this as sweat is still drying off the back of her neck and she's in desperate need of a shower (good thing there's no "odor-ram-a" option here!)

Just like in the past 3 workouts, Charles had me end my workout with 3 sets of 10 of the dreaded "burpees".

That's where you jump in the air and clap, throw yourself down on the floor, push your legs out behind you, bring them back, and jump back up. 10 times. And then clap again. Like you actually LIKE it.

If your cardio's been getting too lax, doing even a few burpees will quickly inform you that that's the case.

So doing 30 of them, after an already challenging workout, is hard...especially when I haven't been getting in my spin classes, running on the treadmill, and other cardio I was doing six weeks ago before gyms got shut down in my state.

But I came up with a little burpee "trick" I want to share with you. It's how I got through that last grueling set of 10 this morning...

Each time I did a burpee, I reminded myself of something HARD I had managed to do in the that that one burpee looked  incredibly easy by comparison.

Like having baby #1. And baby #2. And running a 5k at age 50 after not running one for a few decades. And helping my husband beat cancer 8 years ago. And on and on, until I got to #10 on that third set.

Even though I had strongly suggested (okay, begged) Charles not to put me through the burpee "torture" at the end of the workout, I'm glad I did it...and proved to myself I could get through it.

We then celebrated with a Zoom selfie at the end...

Each time I do these burpees from "hell", they get easier. And that's why I wanted to get an important message out to you. Especially if you've ever wondered why something may seem so hard for you to do, but others make it look so easy. Like writing copy.

Just like doing burpee sets, writing copy gets easier the more you do it. That whole "10,000 hours" thing is true, but even 100 hours of writing practice makes you significantly better, even if you were to do nothing else. I've seen this recently with several of my copywriting mentees. They're busy with clients, and as a result they're turning around a lot of copy fast. And the more they write, the better their copy is getting. Sometimes it may feel like you're just pushing through and it's so hard. You think, "how do they do it? I must SUCK."

Know that even A-listers find themselves "pushing through" writing copy...and it can sometimes take much longer than you (or they) expect it to.

This week I had planned to update the headline and lead on an existing control sales page, while updating some other sections.

I thought it would just take me an afternoon. Yet to add in the new angle, I spent almost 2 full days just on research and writing out the copy just for those new sections. Then I spent at least half a day or more on the new headline options and lead.

So next time you're struggling, try my burpee "trick" and remind yourself of all the other hard things you've done. Because of all this stuff--headlines, leads, emails, etc.--is harder than it looks...even for people like me at times.

But with the right mindset and through repetition, it WILL get easier.

Yours for smarter marketing,


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