Can the REAL front cover please stand up?

In yesterday's email, I shared with you a CBD magalog promo that recently arrived in my mailbox.

And I talked about some concerns I had with the front cover...namely, two competing dominant emotions (hope and anger/fear) and too testimonial-focused vs. "you"-focused.

I also talked about how the first 10 pages of the running copy focused mostly on ranting about the big bad government and pharma "bro's" and how they want to take away your CBD so they can overcharge you for it.

Then there was the brief mention of wanting to "fight back" by giving away one million bottles of their product, a strong and compelling idea that, aside from the typical "get 2 free bottles at no risk"-type copy which appeared later, seemed to mysteriously evaporate from the promo.

(If you missed it, check your email inbox from yesterday, or keep an eye out soon for my new website, which will have my 2020 emails up to date on my blog).

In any case, let's continue the breakdown I started yesterday, as there are some other things I want to talk about.

Let's start with a few possible alternative front covers that I found later in the promo that could or should be tested (if they haven't already) in place of the one they used.

Once we get through the first 10-11 pages of anger-agitating ranting, you turn to page 12 and see this...

(Yes, that's me, saying "Thank goodness, we are finally DONE with the rant!" lol)

All kidding aside, when I turned this page, I thought that could be a much stronger front cover concept....with some changes.

The copy further down needs to be rewritten to not sound too generic about CBD and much more about the faster/easier/more effective mechanism in their CBD solution. Otherwise the prospect will think they can just go buy any old CBD product.

And that callout about "10X stronger doses" is a bit cryptic and lacking of a clear benefit. Plus you'd want to lose the "Ask us about" copy above it.

But this image and headline copy clearly calls out the target prospect and speaks to him or her, while painting a picture with words of their "dream" or greatest wish.

Let's continue with the next page...

Here we start to get into a unique mechanism, but it's not fully flushed out, even though the copy and graphics are strong.

It does a great job explaining all about the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and how important it is for your health. What's not explained clearly is that it's named for the plant that led to its discovery. Instead it's presented like it's this thing equivalent to your immune or nervous system.

(If you look on Google like I just did, a commonly-asked question is "is endocannabinoid system a real thing?" This sums up the skepticism that you have to overcome in your prospect.)

But even if you explain the ECS part better, you need to then connect it to some way your product "turbocharges" it better than other CBD products. There are just 3 sentences on the following page that try to do this...and it's not nearly enough.

Take a look at the copy I've circled below...

I don't know a lot about CBD, but isn't this basically how all CBD products work? By being "identical" to your naturally occurring supply? There must be something else that's special about this product that could be explained here in terms of its unique mechanism.

Later in the promo in a series of sidebars--NOT in the running copy--it talks about how it's the purest, most advanced, and potent softgel...and that it's triple-tested. Why not bring some of that copy into play here, rather than selling the prospect on how ALL CBD products work.

But wait...on the next page (page 15) of the promo, there's another full-page sidebar that could stand in for a front cover. It reminds me of some I've seen and done myself. In fact, it looked almost like one my friend Carline Anglade-Cole did before...

This could be a great alternate front cover to test for this promo. Even incorporating the guarantee (removing some copy so it's not so dense) could be a way to differentiate, along with hinting at whatever unique mechanism makes their solution superior.

There's lots of great copy throughout this promo, but I feel like there hasn't been enough digging out and showcasing why someone should take this product over one of the hordes of other competing CBD products on the market.

In my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class, I've peeled back the curtain on how I've done this with successful supplement promos time and again.

If you want to see how a veteran A-list copywriter "digs it out" and showcases a product's unique mechanism so it becomes an unstoppable advantage over a glut of competitors, going through this master class is like looking over my shoulder. You can get on the wait list here to get more details when they're ready.

In the meantime, I hope you've gotten a lot out of this two-part breakdown of this CBD promo, and how you can make your promos even stronger!

I'll be back at you tomorrow with my next issue of Copy Insiders, which will include answers to those most burning questions many of you submitted. So keep any eye out.

Yours for smarter marketing,


P.S. Speaking of my buddy Carline, if you haven't gotten your hands on her new book, you can get it here in paperback or on Kindle. Plus in the book it tells you how to get access to a million-dollar swipe file you'll find super-useful. Extra bonus: send your receipt over to with "Kim told me to get your book" in the subject line and she'll send over a valuable headline "cheat sheet".

(This isn't an kind of affiliate thing, I'm just doing this to help you...and help Carline! And it's a great book...packed with great examples and life lessons. I loved it!)

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