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One thing you should always do when coming up with ideas for your copy, and while you are writing it, is to think about your most skeptical prospect ever.

Don't focus on that person who you can easily persuade...that "low-hanging" fruit. Zero in on what that most grizzled, "seen it all", unbelieving, dubious prospect would say back to you at every claim if you were having a conversation in person.

Because chances are that cynical, mistrusting person accounts for a lot of the people you're writing to. That's especially true when you're targeting an older 50-75+ prospect in crowded and competitive markets like health and financial.

At every turn, as you write out your big claims, think about your prospect saying, "Says who?" or "Yeah, right!" Let that imaginary (but very real) person challenge you to write BETTER, more convincing and authoritative copy.

This is something I do, as well as other top copywriters I my friend and colleague Carline Anglade-Cole, who joined my "Fast Track to A-List" mentoring group the other day to break down one of her hot current controls.

And you should, too, every time you sit down to write copy.

To show you some ways to convince this ultra-skeptical prospect, let's take a look at a promo written by another friend of mine, Belinda Brewster, who's a top copywriter in the financial, health, and other spaces.

It's a sales page promoting a financial newsletter called Disruption Investor...and it does a great job of providing proof to back up its big claims, which are expertly woven in throughout the promotion.

It also borrows credibility from big names in the tech and investing worlds, to amplify the believability of the big promise, and the authority of the spokesperson himself.

It also uses a "pattern interrupt" to force the prospect to stop and pay attention.

Let's take a peek at what you see when you first land on the sales page...

Take a look at that main header at the top...a curiosity-laden quote from a big, recognizable name: Bill Gates, one of the most respected authorities of anything related to computing. This quote sets the stage for the big promise that follows in the main headline.

The main headline starts to reveal a bit more, building up this "next big thing"'s importance. It then presents the big promise: a $4 stock that can bring you 1,000% gains. Whenever you can show this kind of dramatic contrast, it's powerful.

The other thing that's different from what I see many financial promos doing is it's incorporating an image that acts as a "pattern interrupt". But unlike the early days of VSLs where they were often just thrown in and had no connection to the copy, this particular image connects perfectly.

(And let's face it, you can't go wrong with pictures of puppies...or blueberry muffins!)

This image demonstrates what computers can--and can't do--right now, and provides an example of the kind of breakthroughs this new, disruptive technology will lead to.

As you read through the beginning of the sales letter (click on any of the images and it should take you to the sales page itself), you can see how the big promise is woven throughout, along with proof and borrowed authority...

After the continued build-up, tease, and weaving in of the big promise and authority, the copy reveals what type of opportunity it is: Computer Vision.

But if you're just scanning through it, like I did initially, you might think they're revealing the company name and that it's Computer Vision. Maybe not capitalizing this term throughout might eliminate some of that possible confusion (or maybe it's just me!)

The copy continues to weave in even more big, highly-recognizable names besides Bill Gates, lending even more credibility and authority to the big promise and potential of this $4 stock...

I'm not including screenshots of every page of the promo...but just wanted to highlight some other things it's doing well that I think are helping it to perform so well as a hot new control right now.

The copy goes on to provide not just proof examples of other similar tech plays and the profits that were made, but also the potential huge opportunities for its application. It leads off with Parkinson's, which is a common and more "evergreen" health concern and market.

But next it focuses on the opportunity not just for the current pandemic--which could (hopefully) be "old news" 6 months to a year from now--but the "next" pandemic, which anyone who's been around for several decades can attest through their life experience will likely happen. So it's not just health and supplement marketers who are getting increased sales as a result of the coronavirus pandemic...

From here, the sales letter continues to tease about how much potential this new breakthrough has, and how much the prospect can profit from this $4 stock. It doesn't just say it, it SHOWS it, through layers and layers of demonstration and proof.

And it saves some of the best "proof" and most potentially unbelievable results for later in the sales letter...when by that point the prospect is most primed to be able to believe the potential for 20,000+% gains...

...and further backed up by even more borrowed authority from big names...

I encourage you to read through the entire promo, including the order page which does a great job of restating the proof and big promise, and closing the sale (while boosting average order value).

All in all, lots of great takeaways here for financial AND non-financial copywriters from an extremely well-done promotion. Congrats, Belinda!

Yours for smarter marketing,


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