People Who Brag About Themselves Suck

I've never been one of those copywriters that go around bragging about themselves.

First off, it's not my personality. I'm more of an INTJ-type kind of gal.

Secondly, I think it makes you look like an insecure or pompous arse.

And if you're an A-level copywriter (or want to come across like one), it can make you look a bit desperate.

But people want social proof that you're good at what you do.

That's why I let other people do my bragging for me.

Like legendary copywriter Clayton Makepeace, who says...

"Kim Krause Schwalm is one of the hottest copywriters alive. She has had many red-hot controls--both in the health and wealth fields--and her insights are money in the bank..."

Or world-class copywriter David Deutsch, who says...

"Kim works with the best clients out there (I know, because some of them are my clients as well!). She is one of the very, very few writers I recommend when someone is looking for--and can afford--an absolutely top-level writer."

Or superstar email marketing guru (I know he'd hate that I called him that) Ben Settle, who says in some of his recent elbenbo's Lair posts...

"Kim is pretty much as high on top of the A-list copywriting 'totem pole' as you can get...Kim can teach you things I could never teach you. She is light years ahead of me in the copywriting game. She can teach you in a way you will get more benefit from than learning from me. She’s one of the top copywriters on the planet, and I don’t think anyone in her world would disagree with that."

I have mucho respect for all three of these guys...and am humbled beyond words that they say these things about me. (I've learned from all three and continue to learn from Ben.) Roman"

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