Last night one of my brothers was in town, so I got together with him and the other brother who lives near me.

And as almost always happens when the 3 of us get together at my brother's house, we shot some pool...

(My brother who lives near me has a pool table in his dining room, because who ever uses the dining room anyway??)

Unlike my brothers--one of whom plays in a championship pool league, and the other who used to until recently--I don't play pool much anymore.

My brothers and I decided to play "cutthroat" (which you do with 3 players). With each game, I got a few balls in. But when it was their respective turns, they'd run the table like they were shooting fish in a barrel. We'd have to end the game and start another. And another. And another. (Which is why I needed a nap around 3pm today.) The 3 of us all learned to play pool when we were in just kids, when we spent 3 years temporarily living in a beachfront condo community in northwest Florida. There was a community center with saunas, whirlpools, liquor storage lockers and a bar, and several pool tables. Which also turned out to be a great place for us kids to hang out after school and on the weekends. (The pool tables, that is.) During the warm weather months, the pool room was always busy with tourists staying for the week. There'd be people drinking beers, cigarettes burning to a stub hanging off the edge of the tables, men cussing and swearing. Definitely a great place for us kids to hang out. (Did I mention we were all between the ages of 8 and 12 at the time?) During the off season, an old retired guy named Leo who lived there year-round taught my younger brothers and I how to shoot pool. How to avoid scratching. How to put some spin on the ball. How to plan ahead and shoot so you'd be well-positioned for your next shot. We got many lessons from Leo, and spent countless hours shooting and practicing pool. It definitely beat sitting around the small two-bedroom condo we lived in. As a result, we got pretty darn good. My younger brothers and I would head down to the pool room after dinner. And every night we'd run the tables. It was always fun to see guys who were all cocky and thought they were "good" get beat handily by a freckle-faced 12-year-old girl. As siblings, my bros and I weren't raised to be more than any normal family. But shooting pool taught us how to be competitors. I feel like to this day, it's help me compete as a copywriter. At the highest levels, copywriting is very much a competitive sport, especially when you're trying to beat an existing control. You're putting yourself on the line...sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll lose. But you can't be afraid to try. And you can't beat yourself up if you fail. As long as you give everything you do your very best "shot". It's a simple formula... Practice. Practice. Practice. Learn and get better every day. That's how you get really good at copywriting. Don't just buy the course. DO it. Don't just collect swipes. STUDY the ones you see again and again. Don't just get the client. Really do the work and make sure you DELIVER Yours for smarter marketing, Kim P.S. Here's a pic of my bros and I after multiple games of "Cutthroat" last night...

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