Don't EVER Call Me "Senior"

I hope you've been enjoying these promo stories. Even if you've already gotten my "Buy 'em All" Complete KKS Swipe File, I figured you'd appreciate getting the backstory on some of the successful promos included with it. There are lots of lessons to learn from these backstories--and they're not just related to writing copy. In any case, I'm going to put the spotlight on one more promotion that--like several of my past controls--mailed successfully for 8 years or more. This one was for a memory supplement that had been previously launched a year or so prior. My job was to beat the control, which was already starting to fatigue. I threw myself into an intense research phase...digging up studies on the 7 different nutrients in the formula. I even learned about things like myelin and neurotransmitters and the underlying causes of mental decline in aging brains. I found studies from prestigious institutions like Harvard, Stanford, and many others, too. So I took the tried-and-true "hidden cause" approach and took it to the next level: 3 hidden memory-destroying triggers. I used curiosity, motivated by fear that someone might unknowingly have one of these hidden triggers behind mental decline. I also included hope--crucial for counterbalancing fear, especially in health promotions. And there was a speed of result promise, too...because let's face it, we're competing against drugs sometimes when we write these supplement promos. No one wants to wait forever to see a benefit or get relief. In any case, here's the winning main headline/cover of my Advanced Memory Formula promotion (we tested a few others). It beat the previous control handily...

This particular version of this 20-page "issuelog"-style magalog mailed for at least 4 years, during which time other copywriters wrote promos that tested against it but failed to beat it. Along the way there were some formula updates, for which I tested different headlines and leads and added in new sections of copy--and kept my control running strong (and fat royalty checks coming in the mail). Eventually we tested into a headline that read as follows: Go from forgetful and sharper and more focused,  in as little as 3 weeks!

Nobel Prize-winning discovery makes it a snap to recall names, phone numbers, and where you put your car keys… just like when you were years younger One of the things that made this headline work is it's showing a transformation, in a remarkably short amount of time. It also has the tried-and-true "Nobel Prize" in the subhead.  Even more important, it's using the prospect's own language. In fact, I remember there was some debate with my client as to whether "spacey" was the right word to use. But I'd gotten that word from talking with one of my avatars...and also knew it was different enough that it would stand out. Turns out I was right. This version kept my Advanced Memory Formula control alive and kicking for another 4+ years. In fact, it mailed again as recently as last June...more than 8 years after I originally wrote it. Here's a quick lesson about using your prospect's language. It shows empathy and that you're one of them. In Parris Lampropoulus' call last Friday, he warned about "fake empathy". People can spot it a mile away, and are repelled by it, if you don't get empathy right. Here's another thing I've found can drive older prospects away: they HATE being called "senior". (This reminds me of a Dame Edna performance years ago, when s/he jokingly called out to the mostly older audience, "Hey, senior!") The other day I was reviewing copy someone wrote where the dreaded word "senior" was used. I told him he needed to take it out. Now, "senior moment" is one thing---because it's their words. But calling someone "senior" is a bit insulting and seen as talking down to them by some young whippersnapper. So even though I'm eligible for AARP, please don't be calling me "senior", okay? Yours for smarter marketing, Kim P.S. Please make sure you load up on my promo swipes while they're still available at half-price savings right here. That Advanced Memory Formula control is just one of the 33 successful, proven promos you'll find here. Use your HALFJAN19 code to enjoy 50% savings...but do it by 11:59 pm PST tonight. That's just hours away! (The best option, of course, is my complete swipe file that brings the cost per swipe down to what you'd spend on nice warm pair of socks...but those socks, no matter how nice and toasty warm, aren't going to teach you doodle-y-squat about how to boost your copywriting results now, are they? And those HALF-price savings apply to the unbelievably low sale price shown when you use HALFJAN19 at checkout.)

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