Emotion-driven "power words"

After the email I sent out yesterday, I received many responses with people offering condolences and sharing their own memories of Clayton Makepeace (thank you).

In one of them, Copy Insider Łukasz Kamiennik wrote from Poland to say the following...

"Wow, I have been addicted to the Total Package since back when Clayton was writing it. Although I didn't met him personally, I feel sad. Last week, I was saving Martin Weiss online copy, as I knew Clayton wrote it. I can easily recognize his style, structure and so on."

Clayton’s style and copy were always easy to spot…and it helped make him truly a one-of-a-kind talent.

One of the things I've always found most noticeable is this: in every one of Clayton's promos, you can't help but be struck by his emotionally powerful word choices.

Take a look at the front cover of this financial newsletter tabloid-style magalog that Clayton wrote. It's from Summer 2005 (stocks weren't doing that great then, either.)

As you can see, every single word and phrase Clayton uses taps directly into a specific frustration, fear, belief, or worry his target prospect has. And he's carefully chosen every word to pack as much raw emotional power as possible. The copy is completely written from the point of view of the frustrated, fed-up prospect who knew all along those stinkin' stockbrokers, CEOs, and Wall Street elite were lying to them and stealing them blind. It also, right from the very beginning, starts to serve up the solution that's going to finally put that prospect IN CONTROL (we're all selling control) and no longer be a sitting duck for those relentless rip-off artists. Plus it gives them an answer at last to how they can make money when the stock market is in the toilet. This kind of stuff doesn't just happen by accident or as the result of sheer talent. It requires doing upfront work that leads you directly to those dominant emotions that most resonate with your prospect and tie in with the solution you are offering.

In the training I did with my "Fast Track to A-List" copy mentoring group yesterday, we walked through some of the powerful techniques Clayton used again and again (many are the sames ones I've used to write dozens of successful controls). They're what helped Clayton masterfully push all the right emotional buttons to make prospects want to buy whatever he was selling. I'll be diving into some of these techniques over the coming days. Things like...

  • The 5-step exercise that brings your product's benefits to life--and connects them with your prospects' most powerful response-boosting emotions

  • 29 dominant resident emotions your prospects already have--plus the 3 questions you must ask yourself about these emotions before you write a word of copy

  • How connecting with prospects at a far deeper, emotional level can give you 6 "unfair" advantages that make your offer practically irresistible

  • The right way and the wrong way to use sidebars to increase readership and a funny story about how my son used to "steal" Clayton's magalogs and read them like porn

  • And much more, including Clayton's simple yet brilliant 12-question copy evaluation many other stories that will bring you valuable insights (or simply entertain you)

Yours for smarter marketing, Kim

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