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With today being the 19th anniversary of the horrific 9/11 attacks on the U.S., I want to take a moment to honor the many heroes who lost their lives or risked them to save others that day.

Firefighters, police officers, pilots and flight attendants, even ordinary Americans who stepped up--from workers in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to the passengers who bravely took matters into their own hands on flight 93.

All of them deserve our remembrances and gratitude today. We will never forget...

I was a copywriter back then, and obviously still am I've seen a LOT of changes over those last 19 years. One of them is the emergence of social media.

Knowing how to use social media to market yours or your clients' products, whether it's building your audience or directly selling to prospects, is a crucial advantage for any copywriter, marketer, or entrepreneur these days.

That's why I'm thrilled that one of my current Fast Track to A-List copywriting mentees, Brian Czekanski, is taking over this week's issue.

Brian's a fast-rising star in the copywriting world, working with a full range of clients including top mindset coaches to help them expand their online presence.

He's going to be sharing his expertise on how copywriters can find higher-quality, higher-paying clients (something Brian's been able to do himself over the past several months).

As he's about to reveal, his two-step process can help you land dream client after dream client...and become seen as an authority in your niche by leveraging YouTube effectively.

(Brian's also got some free in-depth training you'll want to check out in the link he provides at the end of his article.)

Okay, Brian...take it away!


Written by Brian Czekanski 

There is one thing that I heard over and over again when I first started out as a copywriter...

...if you want higher quality clients you need to attend live events.

But a pandemic shouldn't delay the opportunity for you to level up your copywriting career.

There is a simple strategy to get in front of your dream clients every single week... ...without having to pack a bag, jump on a plane and mingle for hours at the bar.

It'll allow you to demonstrate your expertise and build an authentic relationship... ...before you even speak to your prospects.

It's all possible through a two-step process that’ll transform your business.

Your prospects have two main objections/hesitations as they consider hiring you: 1. Can this copywriter deliver a positive ROI for my business? 2. Are they someone I'd like to work with long term?

You can answer those questions very easily with the right approach.

Step 1: Pretend that they’ve already hired you

Create your top 30 dream client list.  It helps to have a specific niche you are targeting (more on why in a second).

Start following them online.  Opt into their email list. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube - wherever they are sharing content.

Go through their funnels and see what they're selling and in what progression.

Then reach out to them. Start by complimenting them on a piece of their content or anything that stuck out to you.

Then share a piece of copy that you wrote specifically for them. 

Don't spend a ton of time on it, but do a little research on their market and then craft something like: - a nurture or sales email - sales page headline and lead - Facebook ad copy

Send it to them via a Google doc link or paste in the email. Tell them that they should test it and let you know how it performs.

You're providing value upfront...  ...demonstrating your expertise for their specific business and audience... and making it easy for them.

This strategy alone will get you more clients.

But you need to take it one step further to address all their possible objections. 

Step 2: Create Your "Authority Channel"

You're an amazing, passionate copywriter with lots of marketing expertise.

The problem is that your dream clients don't know that yet... ...and either does the broader market.

It's time that you changed that with your own "Authority Channel" on YouTube.

A place where your expertise will be on full display.

You'll have a powerful asset to go along with your portfolio and any testimonials you have. 

It also allows your prospects to get to know you as a person and your personality through video.  You've already sent a sample, but the key is follow up.

Let's further leverage the time you've spent looking at their marketing... creating a video around what stood out to you the most.

Start by breaking down all the positive things that you are seeing on your screen. 

Then show your expertise by mentioning a few areas where simple improvements could be made.

The end result should be a video that promotes their company and the things they're doing right... ...but shows the missing pieces that you could fix easily.

In the process, you've delivered even more value upfront.  Send the video link as a follow-up email to your dream client.

By posting it on YouTube, you've made it easy for the rest of your niche to see your expertise at work.

If you make these videos consistently you'll build a long term asset for your business... ...and attract more clients than you can handle.

Finally getting you off the roller-coaster of client acquisition. 

To make it even easier to create your "Authority Channel" I've put together this free YouTube training called the Viral Channel Formula.

Inside you'll discover: - How to get YouTube to promote your video content to even more of your dream clients for free. - The Hollywood script formula that'll ensure your channel gets more views and subscribers.  - The simple step to converting video views into clients.

***** Thank you, Brian, for the great insights and detailed tactics. I can see how this could help catapult copywriters who follow this advice into finding great clients (and more of them). Creating an "Authority Channel" is also a great strategy for any marketer and entrepreneur as well. (I think I'm going to check it out myself--and maybe get Brian to help me with it!) Be sure to check out Brian's YouTube training, and if you're interested in reaching out to him, feel free to reply back to this email and I'll put you in touch. Yours for smarter marketing, Kim P.S. If you're interested in getting on my wait list for my next group of "Fast Track to A-List" mentees, you can find out more details and get on the wait list here. This 10-month program doesn't start till January, but I'm going to begin filling the limited number of spots starting this month, and folks on the wait list get top priority.

Here's what Brian has to say about his training and mentoring with me... "From $250 UpWork copy jobs to $7-10k projects with quality clients!"

“I became a full-time freelance copywriter two months before joining Kim’s program.  I was gaining clients but I felt out of my depth.  I spent more time battling imposter syndrome and procrastination than writing copy. I had no real process around research, outlining the copy or bringing it all together into a final draft.

I joined Kim’s 'Fast Track to A-List' program because I knew she could help me accelerate the trajectory of my business in a very short period of time.  My hope was that she could give me the foundational skills and processes so that I could take on any copy project in any industry with full confidence. In a few short months, Kim turned that hope into a reality.

I’ve gone from $250 email copy jobs on UpWork to charging $7-10k+ for work with high-quality clients in my first year as a copywriter. Kim has given me a complete understanding of how to get into the head of the audience I'm writing to. She has given me a structure that works for me so that I can outline and move quickly to a final draft that converts. It has made a huge difference in how I interact with clients and in the copy that I’m able to produce.

Kim goes above and beyond to get to know you, your copy, and how she can best help you on your journey. It’s clear that she is heavily invested in everyone that she works with. I would highly recommend Kim as a copywriting coach, along with her products and courses, if you want to level up your career in a short period of time.”

—Brian Czekanski, Direct Response Copywriter, Mindset Copy, New York, NY

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