How to accept feedback

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

One of the most important and valuable things you can master as a copywriter isn't about writing copy well.

It's about accepting feedback on your copy well.

For the past six weeks, I've been shepherding a group of copywriters and business owners through my Copy Teardown Master Class.

And while six of our calls have focused on me breaking down my process behind some of my most successful controls, the other three have turned the tables...and had me focusing on THEIR copy.

By "focusing" I mean ripping apart subject lines and body name it...and not holding back one bit.

I'm direct and focused on making suggestions to help them make their copy as good as can be...while still being kind.

However, no matter how kindly I say, "Your headline sucks" (and no, I don't say it like that...ever), the copywriter often hears it that way.

Now, as a veteran copywriter, I know exactly how it feels to have someone "rip apart" your copy...your "baby" that you labored over for so long...including those headlines or phrases you "fell in love with" (big mistake)...

It's PAINFUL, I know. It's happened to me probably a million times, especially when I was starting out.

We've ALL been through it. It's the WORST.

BUT...the better you get at accepting and hearing feedback on your copy, the better you'll get at writing copy.

Really, feedback is a GIFT that you need to be ready to receive. And it will make you a far better copywriter far faster.

Here are a few quick tips on accepting feedback, whether it's from a mentor, boss, or client...

1) Don't "defend" your copy. Instead, focus on understanding the point being made. Why are they making that suggestion? Hear other options and alternatives to your pre-formed ideas.

2) Let go of your darlings. Sometimes that phrase or paragraph or analogy or whatever is too clunky, distracting, or just plain weird. If others aren't loving it, maybe it's time you fell out of love with it.

3) Lick your wounds and move on. Stay positive and assure your boss or client that you've heard them, you're going to rework the copy, and thank them for helping you make it stronger. Put your "big girl" panties on and go back to it with fresh eyes, then put all of your efforts into creating a next draft that will wow them.

Yes, you can do it!

Every A-lister on the planet, including me, has had to learn these 3 things to get better at accepting feedback. And I know they'll work for you, too.

Yours for smarter marketing,


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