How to make your copy "sponge-worthy"

If you're like me, you're at the point where you've been cooped up for haven't driven your car anywhere...and your personal definition of "excitement" has ratcheted down considerably.

Like just a few minutes ago, when a big white truck pulled up by the end of our driveway. My daughter and I both looked out our separate front windows and realized it was a delivery for our next door neighbors.

It was a fascinating diversion to watch as the platform at the back of the truck lowered...and out came (drumroll), a washing machine! A top-loader at that. A bold choice.

And that's the exciting "cul de sac" update from my neck of the woods.

Now, let's get back to edifying ourselves with the 5-step process that lets you bring your product's features and benefits to life...and tie them to your prospect's emotional hot buttons and deepest wants, fears, and dreams.

This next step is what truly makes your copy "sponge-worthy".

It's what makes your prospect feel you are speaking directly to him or her...that you're the only one who really understands...that this might be the start of a long and beautiful relationship...and maybe Jerry and Elaine will FINALLY get back together...

It all starts with that funny-sounding word: DIMENSIONALIZE.

Step #4 is when you take that "what's in it for me" benefit you came up with in the past step and give it added dimension.

It's like an artist at their canvas who uses brush strokes to fill in details that make a flower petal jump out into the foreground, or uses perspective to make objects look 3-dimensional.

You need to do this with your words. Paint word pictures that demonstrate all the ways your prospect will enjoy that benefit or how it will enrich the prospect's life.

Here's an example...

Feature: Email alerts in-between issues of a monthly investment newsletter

Why: Stocks move fast; opportunities could be lost if you're not kept up to date

Benefit: You’ll never be left wondering when it's the ideal time to unload a stock or what to do when major events break

Dimensionalize: You’ll lock in your gains and enjoy even greater profit potential by staying one step ahead of other investors and getting in on the ground floor

Here's another one...

Feature: Contains strontium (a mineral in a bone health supplement)

Why: Strontium works better than calcium to build strong bones and studies show it cuts your risk of fracture by more than half

Benefit: You can increase your bone density naturally without relying on dangerous drugs and slash your odds of a debilitating bone break

Dimensionalize: You can stay active and enjoy life, without living in fear of ending up in a wheelchair or nursing home and being a burden to your children

In many ways, "dimensionalizing" benefits is very similar to something called "future pacing". It's painting a word picture of how much better life can be when your prospect uses your product or service.

The more you do this "pre-work" of dimensionalizing your benefits before you start writing your copy, the easier it'll be to work these vivid word pictures into your headlines, emails, leads, closes, and elsewhere...and the greater the response your copy will generate.

Keep an eye out tomorrow morning for the 5th and last step of this 5-step formula. This is really where you can make your copy irresistibly persuasive and hook your prospect into reading and buying. You won't want to miss it.

Yours for smarter marketing,


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