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Issue #105—August 27, 2020 This week's issue is coming out a day early. And like last week, I'm letting one of my mentees in my "Fast Track to A-List" group mentoring program share something valuable with you. Jerrod Harlan has only been a copywriter for less than 2 years. Yet in that short time, he's skyrocketed his skills and knowledge. As a result, Jerrod's become known for his email copy wizardry from when he was at one of the fastest-growing companies in the health space. Now he's also making his mark with email and long-form copy as a sought-after freelance copywriter. In fact, Jerrod recently shared with me that other up-and-coming copywriters have told him they consider HIM to be a mentor and someone to learn from. So that's a pretty meteoric rise for Jerrod in just a few short years! Here's another super-cool thing about Jerrod: while working non-stop on optimizing emails for more than a year with his past employer, he decided to "crack the code" on the copy elements and tactics that work best for boosting email results. As a result, he's developed, based on his in-depth testing and data analysis, a tried-and-true formula you can use that makes it far easier to write emails that generate millions of dollars in sales! I'm going to let Jerrod take over from here...but if you're interested in getting on my wait list for my next group of "Fast Track to A-List" mentees, you can find out more details and get on the wait list here. (This 10-month program doesn't start till January, but I'm going to begin filling the limited number of spots starting next month, and folks on the wait list get top priority.) Okay, Jerrod...take it away! ***** Written by Jerrod Harlan  In October, 2019, I wrote an email that has earned well over $500,000 in affiliate commissions for the list running it.

It’s been challenged multiple times by other copywriters. And yet, this email continues to earn better PPM’s (Profit Per Thousand sends) than every single test against it. Even now, almost a YEAR later. Wow!

But here’s the really cool part of the story (and why it matters to YOU)…

This email follows a stupidly-simple formula I’ve used over and over to beat competitor emails and establish email controls that have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars, each.

I call it the “Million Dollar Minimalist Email Formula”.

And today, I want to share this formula with you.

Why? So that -- starting TODAY -- you can use it to write better emails, faster. You can increase your value as an overall copywriter to your clients by driving more clicks to your sales letters. And, if you’re a “greener” copywriter, you can use it to write emails that get your foot in the door with your dream clients.

Sound good? Of course it does!

Alright, with that intro out of the way, let me share the email I’m referring to. Then, I’ll break it down by its formula.

Here’s the email: ---- “Do you suffer from embarrassing gas, bloating, or a big bulging belly? If the answer is "yes" chances are your stomach doesn't have enough acid to properly break down the food you eat... Without stomach acid, food just piles up in your stomach and ROTS. Leading to bloating, gas, and stubborn weight gain. Boosting your production of stomach acid can help break down the food in your stomach and flush it out of your body... shrinking a big tummy in just 24 hours. Here's how to do it...

==> Eat this to break down rotting food, and safely lose up to 1 pound per day ---- Now, let me start by saying this…

There’s a million ways to write a good email. This formula just happens to be one of them. Because it does two simple things. It offers insight to your prospect about why they have the problems they do -- why, no matter how many things they’ve tried to fix their problems in the past, they’ve failed.

And secondly, it offers them a new hope to solve their problems.

It’s that simple.

So let’s go through the actual formula (a.k.a. PWAT) and how this email breaks down section by section.

P - Problem

You start by calling out your prospects problems. In the case of the email above, it’s this line right here: “Do you suffer from embarrassing gas, bloating, or a big bulging belly?”

These are the problems I know my market faces. So I cut the BS and call them out directly. If the prospect relates, they’re highly likely to continue reading the email.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to do it the exact same way in your emails -- you can couch these problems in a story too.

Here’s how an email from Advanced Bionutritionals does it:

“George would go to bed dog-tired. He'd usually fall asleep pretty quickly. But he couldn't stay asleep.

Nearly every night, he'd wake up at 3 in the morning and his "busy brain" would kick into high gear.  He would start thinking about the bills he has to pay. The unpleasant conversation at work. His "to do" list for tomorrow. And whatever else was stressing him out.”

See… two different ways to accomplish the same thing. At the end of the day, you just want your prospect to know that you understand the problems they’re facing. This is like rule #1 of copywriting, right -- speak to your prospects' problems?

That leads to step 2…

W - Why that problem ACTUALLY exists

After you’ve called out their problems, you want to “let them off the hook”. You want them to know these problems aren’t their fault. This is the new insight.

In my email, it’s this: “If the answer is "yes" chances are your stomach doesn't have enough acid to properly break down the food you eat…”

See how that line gives them the new insight? It tells them that their gas and bloating ISN’T from their diet, for example -- which is most likely what they think (or fear).

That line lets them off the hook by showing them the true cause of their stomach problems is ACTUALLY low stomach acid.

And this new insight primes them to be in the right headspace to hear the solution to the true problem I just revealed. But before we get to the CTA (or the link they click that will help solve all their problems)...

We must dig the knife a little deeper.

That happens when we agitate their problems a little more.

A - Agitate

Okay, so now that we’ve given the prospect the new insight, we’re going to double down on why they need to solve the true cause of their problems.

Basically, they need to know that if they don’t solve this true cause, it’s not gonna be a fun time (south park reference anyone?).

Here’s how I do it in my email: “Without stomach acid, food just piles up in your stomach and ROTS. Leading to bloating, gas, and stubborn weight gain.”

The prospect does NOT want any of those things. (Not to mention the thought of rotting food in your stomach is pretty gross on its own. It’s visual language. Think of rotting garbage -- and think of it in your stomach. Yikes.)

Anyways, by making them more “hot and bothered,” you set up the next section where you show them where they can discover the solution to the true cause.

T - Tease the solution

I’ve called out the problems…

I’ve revealed the true cause behind their problems…

I’ve agitated the problems…

And now it’s time to close the loop, throw in their “heaven” scenario, and give them a link to click that’ll fix their problems.

Just like this:

“Boosting your production of stomach acid can help break down the food in your stomach and flush it out of your body... shrinking a big tummy in just 24 hours. Here's how to do it...

==> Eat this to break down rotting food, and safely lose up to 1 pound per day

Notice how I show them the benefit of solving their stomach acid issue. I don’t leave it to their imagination.

I tell them that, by solving the true cause, they can shrink their tummy (related to the specific problem I call out in step one). And, I pepper in the fact they can safely lose up to one pound per day by eating “this” mystery food. That’s another benefit related to the “stubborn weight gain” agitation I brought up a couple lines prior.

This whole section closes the “logic line” and gives them a very simple, yet compelling, CTA if they want to get rid of their embarrassing gas, bloating, or big bulging belly.

It’s the prospects version of “heaven”...

“Lose a lb per day AND get rid of my belly bloat? Yes please!”

So if they’ve read up to this point, why wouldn’t they click through? --- Well, that’s it!

With that, you’ve got the whole formula at your hands to go and write emails fast… that also follow a proven persuasive formula.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this. And keep an eye out over the next couple months, as my former email partner and I are putting together a full course specific to these types of “affiliate swipes” emails.

If you enjoyed this training, I think you’ll LOVE the full, in-depth course. (It may even feature a certain A-list copywriter you know and love).

But Kim will reveal all those details when the time comes...

Until then, keep kicking butt!

Jerrod Harlan

***** Thank you, Jerrod...I think this formula is great, and I can see how it can be a highly effective way to get the right prospect to read and, more importantly, click through on your emails.

By hitting on dominant emotions linked to the problems you bring up in the email and providing a logical explanation for why they exist that perhaps the prospect has never heard of before, it allows you to effectively speak to both sides of the brain...making the prospect more receptive to your sales message and priming them to buy!

Try out Jerrod's PWAT email formula and see if it doesn't help boost your results...and I'll definitely keep you posted on the new course Jerrod is working on with his former email partner.

(In the meantime, I know Jerrod's "dance card" is filling up, but if you want me to put you in touch with him to discuss any possible copywriting projects, reply to this email.)

Yours for smarter marketing, Kim

P.S. If you're interested in taking your copywriting skills to the next level and beyond, be sure to check out my "Fast Track to A-List" program here...and get on the wait list if you think it's a good fit for you.

Here's what Jerrod has to say about his training and mentoring with me...

“I’ve been a student of Kim’s in some capacity since the very beginning of my copywriting journey...whether it be from reading her weekly newsletter, attending her live Copywriting Velocity event, or being in her private mastermind. And I can say, without a doubt, any investment into Kim’s training is a no-freaking-brainer.

Just from attending her one event, I was able to score a job at one of the biggest natural health companies in the DR space. It led me to my first royalty-paying gig with an up-and-coming health company. And, I got to meet A-list copywriters who made me confident in immediately raising my rates. It was less than a year later I closed my first $10k sales letter gig. Being in her private mastermind has given me the courage to re-enter the freelance market—knowing I have the full support of one of the most connected, and accomplished, copywriters in the world.”

—Jerrod Harlan, Health Copywriter

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