Pressing the right emotional hot buttons

Turn off the news. Pause that Netflix show. Close that Facebook app. And grab your coffee if you're just waking up. This is where the rubber meets the road. I'm going to share with you the 5th step in the 5-part formula for making your product's features and benefits sparkle...and linking them to your prospect's most dominant emotional triggers. It's a powerful technique that I hope you will use only for good, and not evil. Because it can put your prospect into a trance-like state where your copy hooks them in and compels them to keep reading...and makes them far more likely to buy. So what is this crucial 5th step? It's going beyond listing a feature...then the "reason why" for that feature...then the benefit to the prospect...and then dimensionalizing that benefit in terms of how it improves the prospect's life. It's connecting each of those dimensionalized benefits with a dominant resident emotion. Let's go back and add on to the examples I shared with you in my last email. Here's the first one again... Feature: Email alerts in-between issues of a monthly investment newsletter Why: Stocks move fast; opportunities could be lost if you're not kept up to date Benefit: You’ll never be left wondering when it's the ideal time to unload a stock or what to do when major events break Dimensionalize: You’ll lock in your gains and enjoy even greater profit potential by staying one step ahead of other investors and getting in on the ground floor Dominant resident emotion: Your wife, family, and friends will respect and admire your success. You'll finally be able to kick back and relax and live your retirement years to the fullest. You'll feel in control and optimistic about your future. Here's that second one... Feature: Contains strontium (a mineral in a bone health supplement) Why: Strontium works better than calcium to build strong bones and studies show it cuts your risk of fracture by more than half Benefit: You can increase your bone density naturally without relying on dangerous drugs and slash your odds of a debilitating bone break Dimensionalize: You can stay active and enjoy life, without living in fear of ending up in a wheelchair or nursing home and being a burden to your children Dominant resident emotion: You'll get more joy out of living and be able to play with your grandchildren. You won't have to worry every time you walk outside or climb stairs, or live in fear of losing your precious independence. You'll maintain your height and won't shrink into a shriveled-up, hunched-over old woman. To come up with these dominant resident emotions, simply identify how your prospect probably feels about each of the dimensionalized benefits on your list. Imagine yourself in your prospect's shoes...experiencing the frustration or pain point or desire your product satisfies. What is it like for them once they begin experiencing the benefits your product's features provide them with? Likewise, how does your prospect feel about the lack of this benefit in their life right now? Write it all out from the prospect's perspective using "you" statements, as if you were talking face-to-face. And don't stop at just listing one emotion per benefit. While you've finished this step, go back and rate each benefit and emotion combination on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the least powerful and 5 being the most powerful. In ranking them, consider how important of an improvement each benefit brings--how life-changing or impactful it is. Also look at how broad its appeal is, in terms of how many of your prospects desire that particular improvement your benefit offers them. Last but not least, take into account how intense the emotions connected to each benefit are. It's through this process--and over time, through experience and truly understanding your prospect and niche--that you can then press the right emotional hot buttons. And it can result in headlines like these... This first one is from a successful control I wrote for a bladder control supplement for Healthy Directions. It hits one of the broadest and most intense dominant emotions the prospect may be experiencing: frustration!

Or like the main headline for this control I wrote for Advanced Bionutritionals' Pectasol Detox supplement. It taps into the prospect's fear and distrust of the government...

Or like this million-dollar control I wrote for Systeme 41 skin care. It taps into the prospect's anger and frustration about sun-related skin damage that's showing up decades later...

In my next email later today, I'm going to share with you 29 dominant emotions your prospect likely has that you can tap into and ratchet up the selling power of your copy.

It'll become your "go to" list and make it much easier to employ this 5th step. So keep an eye out for it. And enjoy the rest of your's warm weather here, so I'll definitely be getting outside for a socially-distanced hike!

Yours for smarter marketing,


P.S. It was exactly one year ago today that, instead of enjoying a relaxing Sunday, I was gearing up to teach my Copy Intensive at day one of my live Copywriting Velocity event in Washington, DC.

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If you haven't gone through it lately, or haven't finished (or started), I strongly encourage you to crack it open and use any spare time you have to review it. All of these lessons I've been sharing, combined with this training, will help "connect the dots" and give you some new insights, even if you're a veteran copywriter.

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