The best person I know in Direct Marketing

I've been talking a lot lately about the power of referrals...and how it can help you as a copywriter.

It can obviously help you if you're a marketer or business owner, too...and not just as far as finding good copywriters.

Obviously, a lot of it comes down to who you know.

At which point you might say, "Kim, I don't know anybody!"

Well, I'm going to help you fix that today. Even if you do know lots of people, you may not know the person I'm about to introduce you to today.

He's someone I consider the best person I know in the direct marketing industry. (And I know a lot of people, believe me). But he's not only one of the most knowledgeable and best-skilled, he's one of the nicest and most generous direct marketers you could ever meet.

That person is my friend and mentor Brian Kurtz.

Brian, back when he running the marketing at Boardroom, gave me one of my first big opportunities to write a promo for the company, legendary at the time for only hiring the very best copywriters.

Once Brian heard I had beat Jim Rutz with a control I wrote for Personal Finance, he couldn't hire me fast enough. And I went on to write a new control that beat Parris Lampropoulus' 7-year control...and made me the first female copywriter to write a Boardroom control.

That was a huge door Brian helped open for me, and he's opened many doors since. Over the years, I've been a member of one of Brian's in-person mastermind groups...and it's proven invaluable on multiple levels.

I've been able to keep up with the latest tactics and further develop my marketing skills. It's put me in the same room as legends like Dan Kennedy and Ken McCarthy...and lots of people who are infinitely smarter than I am in their own areas of expertise (as Brian likes to say, "If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the WRONG room!")

You've likely heard me and others tell you it's important to get out to events and, if you can spare the money, join mastermind groups. It's truly the best way to get high-quality clients, short of a direct referral.

Well, I got news for you kiddo. In case you didn't notice, pretty much every major direct marketing and mastermind event has gotten cancelled in recent and coming months thanks to this pandemic that's underway (thankfully it's lessening in some parts of the world).

But there's still a great way for you to get the benefits of being in a mastermind without being there in person. That's because Brian launched a new "virtual" mastermind the beginning of this year. I joined up as soon as I heard about it.

And already I've heard amazing speakers on our group calls...made valuable contacts via the private Facebook group...and picked up some new tactics and insights, too. It started in January, and by the end of the first month I'd already reaped at least 10 times the investment in terms of revenue joke.

Brian's virtual mastermind is called Titans Xcelerator. And if you've heard of it but haven't joined yet--or this is the first time you're finding out about it, there's never been a better time to become a member.

That's because while originally Brian planned to do one live group call a month--incorporating guest speakers, hot seats, and other high-value content--now with the COVID-19 crisis he's stepping it up (always "overdelivering", as he does).

Brian is now doing weekly calls with an array of top-level speakers for people in his Titans Xcelerator group to see everyone through these tough times.

That's on top of everything people get in his virtual mastermind, like a monthly "snail mail" package that includes valuable presentations from Brian's $25,000-a-year Titans mastermind group, a "swipe of the month", and much more.

The next Titans Xcelerator call is this coming Thursday, April 9th, at 11am Eastern. (The calls are all recorded and available to members to review later).

And Brian will have two very special guests on this Thursday's call: Ben Settle and Doberman Dan.

Both will be revealing their best strategies and tactics for improving your marketing results and copy right now...and leveraging the opportunities ahead.

Neither Ben or Dan do much public speaking these to get the chance to hear them live (even if it's just virtually on Zoom) is a real treat. There will likely be Q&A opportunities to boot.

But these upcoming calls and all the other "perks" I mentioned are only for members of Titans Xcelerator. The good news is, the cost of joining is a fraction of what it would cost to be a member of Brian's $25,000-a-year Titans Mastermind.

There are no airfare, hotel, restaurant, or other costs you'd incur if you had to travel, either (not that you can do that now, anyway...)

Yet you can get access to these top well as over 160 fellow Titans Xcelerator members (including yours truly) when you join Brian's group.

Definitely some good company to keep, that I know can lead you to great things! Which is why I'm sharing it with you here.

I've made a special arrangement for my Copy Insiders, so here it is...

When you join for one full year at the best deal/pay upfront cost, you'll get the following exclusives...

--Your choice of either "Breakthrough Advertising" (a $125 value) or "The Brilliance Breakthrough" book and workbook (a $195 value), both masterpieces written by Gene Schwartz that every copywriter and marketer can benefit richly from reading and studying

--A $125 rebate on your membership fee (just because you're a Copy Insider)

--Full, unfettered access to past call recordings, interviews, swipes, and other treasures in the Titans "vault"

If you join by midnight tomorrow night (Wednesday) or sneak in by early Thursday morning, you'll get all the call details for Thursday's call with Ben Settle and Doberman Dan.

You'll get access to the members-only Facebook group where you can introduce yourself and instantly be welcomed by other members who are happy to share their expertise with you.

You'll be able to do a "deep dive" into the exclusive vault of past interviews, training, and swipes others paid tens of thousands of dollars for.

And you'll be already on board for NEXT Thursday's call (April 16th)...who Brian just shared with me will have none other than Perry Marshall as a guest speaker.

There's never been a better time to be a member of a "virtual" mastermind...and there really is nothing else like Titans Xcelerator (or Brian) out there.

So go here to find out more. Once you sign up, be sure to send an email to Brian Kurtz with "Kim" in the subject line in order to claim your free Gene Schwartz book (indicate which one) and your $125 rebate. (Send it to

I hope to see you on this Thursday's call...and in the members-only Facebook group soon!

Yours for smarter marketing,


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