The Classic M*ney Package

What's in Kim's Mailbox? Well, this week is off to a roaring start. It's already Wednesday yet it feels like Monday. I found myself nonstop busy yesterday making up for one day off. Yes, even us freelancers get waaaay behind when we take a simple holiday. In any case, in last Friday's Copy Insiders I talked about how "old school" was cool again. I shared with you a direct mail oversized postcard I had received from master marketer Todd Brown (who is also a Copy Insider). It was part of an integrated direct marketing campaign that helped provide a "super-additive" boost in response to his best names (likely past buyers)...which echoed the same promotional efforts happening via email and other channels. (If you missed it or want to re-read it, you can find it here on my blog). But there was a second "old school" direct mail promo I received that was also driving traffic online to respond that I mentioned last Friday. It's from none other than the legendary Dan Kennedy. When I pulled it out of my nearly-empty mailbox (yes folks, there's lots of opportunity waiting there), the envelope had me immediately place it "top of pile". Just one look and you can see why...

Take a look at that return addressing...the official-looking seal...and the fine-print warning about forging checks. Plus, of course, the most important ingredient: something that looks like a check peeking through the window! (I put a sticker over my mailing address, but you get the idea.) Whenever you mail a component package like this, probably the biggest needle-mover for its success is what you put (or don't put) on the front of the envelope. This official-looking font, copy, and design elements combined here with the promise of something of value inside is a killer combination. How could you not open this? It looks like some kind of government check coming your way...and since there have been lots of them lately for many people, it makes it even more effective of a tactic. It reminds me of the carrier and approach Parris Lampropolous used for his 7-year Tax Hotline control (until I beat it with my first ever promo for Boardroom). How could you not open this envelope that's masquerading as if it's coming from the IRS?

If you want to break through the clutter of advertising and overcome the biggest obstacle to your ad or promo's success--attention--one way to do so is to look valuable. That's how you don't end up in the "circular file" or "deleted emails" folder. Does it tick people off when they open your "scary" or "faux check" promo or email and realize it's really a sales piece? That's always a risk. But if you've done things right, it's not an issue. As long as you've captured their interest and gone to the right audience. This is one reason why "list" is 40% of the "40/40/20" rule (the other 40% is offer, which includes the product, pricing, guarantee, etc. and 20% is creative, which includes copy, format, and design). The next step is to immediately show your relevance to the prospect ("this is for me!") via your copy. You can also outright acknowledge that the use of whatever tactic you used to get them to read your message was done to get their attention...for their benefit! Take a look at the front and back of the "faux check" in the Dan Kennedy/Magnetic Marketing package and you'll see how it's masterfully done...

The copy in the upper right on the front of the "check" immediately acknowledges it's not a real check, and tells the prospect to read the back of it. On the back, the copy brings up the IRS refund check mirage and uses it to its advantage...hinting rather directly at the idea they can use their "free money" to good use for their business success. Then the call to action sends them to an online landing page to secure their seat. The sales letter itself is always worth studying, but Kimmy doesn't have time for that now. I'm hosting a call with my Fast Track to A-List mentoring group shortly...and we're having my friend and top A-list copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole on as our special guest! Spots are full through the end of the year for my mentoring group, but if you'd like to get on the wait list for next year's options, you can do so here...

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