The "why" secret to amplifying your product's features

I already shared with you the first step of the 5-step exercise that brings your product or service's benefits to life and connects them to your prospect's emotions.

So let's move on to the second step, which follows after you've put together an exhaustive inventory of your product or service's features.

It's to take each of those features and attach a "why" to it.

This is where you flush out "why" was that particular form of calcium used? "Why" does the air purifier have a 3-way dial? "Why" are there flash alerts sent in between monthly issues of that investment newsletter?

Ask yourself "why" that feature is included..."why" is it important, useful, or unique?

For example, that particular form of calcium is used because research shows it's ten times better absorbed. That 3-way dial lets you control the flow of air. Those flash alerts keep you up to date on changing conditions or fast-moving opportunities.

Attach as many "whys" as you can to each individual feature. You'll likely need to do more research in order to do so.

This is when you might want to dig more into the studies or ask more questions of the formulator if you're writing for a supplement. Or hop on another call with the editor behind the newsletter or their marketing team.

You may also need to do more competitive research at this point to determine how differentiating a particular feature and the "reason why" behind it is. Or find more specific examples of proof of result or credibility enhancers.

Be as exhaustive in doing your research as you are in listing out all the features. Don't simply settle for what the client has given you. Go deeper. Be relentless.

At this step, you're still focused entirely on the product or service, and the company or "guru" behind it.

And surprisingly, many copywriters might stop there. But that'd be a huge mistake.

While the first 2 steps I've shared with you so far can help multiply your promo's results, the next one is even more crucial.

Because that's when you bring your target prospect into the picture. Look for it tomorrow morning!

Yours for smarter marketing,


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