Things That Make Kimmy Bitchy Part 3

So what's making Kimmy feel a little "bitchy" right now?

It's the fact that some of you out there may be stifling your copywriting career with bad deals that make it harder for you to succeed.

A few weeks ago, I asked members of my Girls Club Facebook group if any of them had written successful long-form promotions for nutritional supplement controls.

I'm booked months out with clients to write these types of promotions, and want to have other writers I can refer people to or bring in to help me out as needed.

One copywriter messaged me to say, yes, she had written successful long-form supplement promotions.

But her agreement with her client prevented her from sharing her samples with me!

Now, I don't know about you, but my feeling is once a promotion has gone public out on the World Wide Web or into hundreds of thousands of mailboxes across America, what does it matter if you show it to a prospective client?

I can understand some companies may not want you to put the entire promotion up on your website or advertise widely that you wrote it (although I only have had one client like that in nearly 20 years).

And I would never share copy or a designed promotion with anyone until AFTER it was finalized with the client and used by them. That's a no-brainer.

Here's the deal: if you really are good at copywriting, some people are going to want you to be THEIR best-kept secret. They don't want anyone else finding out about you. And if that means they can keep you working for them for less money, all the better for them.

I remember starting out as a freelance copywriter, and one new client telling me I was a "hidden gem".

Now fortunately, this was a world-class publishing company who instead of trying to stifle me with restrictions, gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to go up against legendary copywriter Jim Rutz. They even gave me a second chance after my first try didn't work. And I went on to beat him--twice!

Of course, I wouldn't have even had the opportunity to write for them in the first place if I had signed the non-compete my previous employer put in front of me about a year or so before I left the company.

It would have kept me from working with any health or financial publisher or nutritional supplement company for two full years...

Did I turn it down? Hell, yes.

No "golden handcuffs" for me, baby!

I suggest you always think through carefully and negotiate wisely regarding any non-compete or other restrictions clients may want to put on you, before you sign on the dotted line. It's also worth getting legal advice on this one so you know what you may be getting into.

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