We lost a legend...

In case you haven't heard the sad news, we lost a copywriting legend yesterday.

Legendary A-list copywriter Clayton Makepeace passed away.

It's a huge loss...and my thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Wendy and his family.

If you ever had the chance to meet Clayton, work with him, or hear him speak, you know what a brilliant mind he had...and how generous he was about sharing his knowledge with others.

Maybe, like me, you've collected and studied as many of his sizzling hot controls over the years as you could get your hands on...and gained countless ideas you've used with your own copy.

Throughout his career, Clayton paved the way for the rest of us copywriters, me included.

In fact, if it weren't for Clayton writing an incredibly successful promotion to launch Phillips Publishing's Health & Healing newsletter, I wouldn't have been hired there. His promo (and the in-house team he worked with) helped create multiple jobs--mine included.

And it created a large and loyal following we were able to sell other products to--namely supplements...which allowed me to help launch and grow Phillips' Healthy Direction business.

I remember studying the promos Clayton wrote when I was an in-house marketer...and getting to meet him for the first time. Later as a freelance copywriter, I had the opportunity to work with Clayton on a few promos, and learned tons...much of what I still apply to this day when I write copy.

Clayton was also one of the first top copywriters to begin sharing his vast copywriting knowledge with others. In the mid-2000's he launched "The Total Package". He put on a $5,000 event in DC (which I attended and was worth every penny and then some).

He put out invaluable reports, sold a continuity program with in-depth interviews (I remember our interview quite fondly), and began speaking at copywriting events. You can still find a lot of great free content Clayton put out in the archives of his Total Package website here...definitely worth reading and absorbing every word.

This morning I dug up a bunch of Clayton Makepeace "gold" I had stored away over the years on my hard drive. So much valuable training and content he put out.

Some of it I shared in the teaching I did this morning with my "Fast Track to A-List" mentoring group. We also looked at how Clayton applied his tactics to two of his promos--one for a financial newsletter, the other for a CoQ10 supplement.

I was going to get into some of it in today's email, but it will have to wait. Right now, like so many others in our industry, I'm grieving for the loss of a friend and mentor.

RIP Clayton...the world lost you way too soon...

Yours for smarter marketing,


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