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Issue #99—April 17, 2020

See that issue number there? The next one after this is 100, baby! I'm not sure honestly what's going to happen then. I feel like there needs to be some kind of big party to celebrate! In any case, you've probably noticed I've been sending out more content-rich emails more regularly. Only once in a while do I grace them with the header "Copy Insiders". So I'm not sure if I'll still be doing that on occasion, or with all my emails, going forward after #100. Or something else completely I'll be figuring that out in the coming weeks...along with a lot of other things running through my brain right now as I gradually extricate myself from 22+ years of client work and begin focusing primarily on the copywriting training and know-how I'm sharing with you. One thing to note: I'm no longer posting every Copy Insiders issue on my blog (in part because there are so many non-issue emails that are also valuable) as of the beginning of 2020. The only way to get these emails is to be on my list. (If you know anyone who'd enjoy the copywriting lessons and breakdowns I share here, send them over to this link to join up--and get my complimentary A-List copy checklist and some other goodies.) Today I want to talk about identifying and leveraging what makes you YOU. Chances are you've got some kind of background or experience that you can position as a reason for clients or others to want to work with you. There are ways you can make yourself stand out from the pack of other copywriters by identifying those things in your background that can move the needle the most. For example, in my group of "Fast Track to A-List" copywriter mentees, I've got people at varying levels of experience...and with a variety of backgrounds. When it's time for them to meet a potential client (or ideally be introduced by someone who's referring them, like me), there are certain things in their background that will be potential "needle movers" that make clients want to hire them. For example, I've got one guy who used to work with Motley Fool in Singapore, where he wrote some successful promos. I've got another who worked with the late Clayton Makepeace on some of his financial copy. And I've got another who just scored his first royalty-paying financial control for another client. Clearly any of these copywriters would be a great candidate for a company looking for financial copywriters. I've got another copywriter in my group who's been writing successful health promos for top companies for years. Another who's written emails for clients that have been their most successful ever. And another who's just breaking into conservative and libertarian copy with a strong marketing background in those niches. These are all great "mini-stories" that can move the needle in piquing interest from clients. They can and should be used in those initial meeting or intro discussions. So what's your "mini-story"? (You can also think of it as similar to an "elevator speech" you'd explain who you are and what you do most effectively to someone in the time it'd take to ride up in an elevator with them). Make sure you've nailed that down...and update it as often as possible as you get more successes under your belt. What can you bring to the table from your past experience or training that's going to open doors for what you want to do more of? When I first left Phillips Publishing, I was able to use my experience there as a marketer and publisher--and especially, launching and running their Healthy Directions supplement business--to get many doors opened. It led to many a copywriting project, and also gave me more negotiating power to get higher fees. You don't need to have that level of past experience. I mentored someone years ago who leveraged her experience as a health coach into becoming a health copywriter. She's now making six-figures and booked up months in advance. Another copywriter I mentored who had a technical background was able to leverage that into writing financial copy and is now racking up five-figures plus royalties for each promo he writes. So figure out your story, adjust as often as necessary, and have it ready at hand next time someone wants to introduce you to someone. Plus, at some point when life gets back to "normal", you never know who you'll be riding in an elevator with! Now, let's wrap up with looking at a wine club promo I reviewed on last Friday's "Cocktails & Copy" call... What's in Kim's Mailbox? One of the attendees on the call forwarded me an email that was sent to the Legacy Research list promoting this wine club...and providing an update on how it's faring in light of the coronavirus. In classic Bill Bonner-style, the email (and the sales page it directs you to when you click the image below) weaves an engaging story that pulls you in and keeps you there (assuming you're the right target market...someone who loves wine). Here's the first page of the email (it's a long one, so I'll only be looking at the beginning and the end...)

The intro by the Legacy editor is well done, and makes it timely (plus "perfect for 'Lockdown America'").

Then it sets up the story, which Bill Bonner begins by putting the reader in the middle of the action in the opening sentence. It's a great storytelling tactic to instantly engage your prospect and hook them in.

The copy goes on to dramatize the story of how the 2020 crop is faring, complete with gorgeous photos of the grapes and scenery. Now let's skip ahead to the close..

.As the email starts to wrap up towards the end, the copy focuses on one of the differentiating features of the wine offered through Bonner's wine club: the fact that these old vines are some of the few in the world to provide Malbec from "France's lost grapes".

You'll want to click on the image below to go straight to the sales page, and immerse yourself in studying it.

Yours for smarter marketing,


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