When Sex Doesn’t Matter

One of the things I've loved about being a freelance copywriter is it really doesn't matter if I'm a guy or a girl.

Unlike the corporate world with its fabled "glass ceiling" (which still exists from what I hear), it's all about performance.

Once you get that opportunity to write a new promotion, it's basically a gender-blind world.

Your numbers are what count.

(And I do love numbers...I was a math and stats major in college.)

As a copywriter, I don't think my gender makes much of a difference in terms of how I write copy or which products I'm more successful with. I've written killer controls for women's health books, newsletters, bone-building supplements, and skin care products.

But I've also written successful controls for male-oriented products. (As I've said before, you don't need to have a prostate to be able to sell a prostate supplement!)

And the majority of products I've written for are sold to an almost evenly split male/female audience anyway. So in most cases, I'm talking to both genders.

In my emails to you and in the free Special Report you received for getting on this list, I'm intending to write to both genders also.

I think I'm pretty gender-blind in these emails.

So I was a bit surprised to get an "unsubscribe" message yesterday from some dude who commented: "I'm not a girl".

Seems kind of "bitchy", doesn't it?

Now sure, I also have a private Facebook group called The Girls Club to help other women succeed in copywriting and marketing.

But I'm equal opportunity when it comes to offering up my experience and knowledge to train both guys and gals in taking their copywriting skills to the next level.

Look, the stuff I teach isn't gender-specific. My techniques and strategies aren't any different if you're a guy or a gal.

The good thing is, I think the dudes on this list are secure enough in their masculinity to learn from a "girl".

In fact, more than half of the attendees at my LA Boot Camp Intensive in March were guys.

If you're ready to learn the same breakthrough copywriting secrets from a girl, get on my Virtual LA Boot Camp Intensive Priority List right here:

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