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Issue #65—May 11, 2019

One of the biggest issues I see the copywriters I coach struggle with is how to negotiate higher fees. I wrote last week about some of the challenges facing copywriters today--namely, more copywriters to compete against as well as companies themselves having more competition for their products...all of which is causing their respective "pies" to get cut up into thinner and thinner slices.

The truth is though, there are still plenty of opportunities to build a six or even seven-figure-a-year copywriting business. There is more demand than ever for copy, too. So what's possibly holding you back from being able to negotiate higher fees? It's your confidence. Think about this...

You are a magician.

You type words on a keyboard...and make money appear out of thin air.

You are a warrior.

You fearlessly take the road others are afraid to take, and soldier on in victory as well as defeat. (It’s okay, you can take it and bounce back even stronger.)

You are a mind reader.

You are able to make complete strangers think you know them inside out. You describe their greatest hopes, wishes, dreams, and fears in the same language inside their heads.

You are a professional.

You’ve invested time and money into building your skill set, and are worthy of the respect you’ve earned. Don’t let anyone ever make you think otherwise.

You are worth it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what’s fair, for what you deserve. Know the value you bring to the table.

Yours for smarter marketing,


P.S. I also talked last week about the chokepoint that gets many a copywriter in trouble: not being able to deliver copy that's strong enough to beat the control or get you hired again.

That's why I'm excited to announce my COPYWRITING VELOCITY Complete Virtual Program is now available and I know it can accelerate your copywriting prowess and take it to the next level. I'm also offering the option for you to participate in 4 live group coaching calls with me in June. I'll be doing control breakdowns, copy critiques, "hot seat"-style coaching for whatever you're struggling with, and much more.

Plus I'm pleased to announce I'll have the same stellar special guests who spoke at my live event in March joining us on the calls. If you want to ratchet up your skill set so you can write successful promotions when given the chance to do so, and learn directly from top A-listers like Richard Armstrong, Carline Anglade-Cole, "Big Jason" Henderson, and Lori Haller, you'll definitely want to click here for all the exciting details.

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