Kim’s Recommended Resources

for Copywriters, Marketers, and Business Owners

In today’s increasingly virtual world, being a freelance copywriter, remote worker, or solopreneur can be a lonely experience.


As human beings, we all crave connection. Even if we’re introverts at heart. Besides, there’s nothing like being able to bounce an idea off someone, get another opinion, or just vent about something to somebody besides your spouse or dog.


Making connections with other living, breathing humans is also crucial to building and sustaining a successful business or career. Yet getting to live events is often difficult, if not impossible, these days.


Below are a few of my recommended ways to connect with fellow copywriters, marketers, and business owners. You’ll also find some great virtual training tools and resources I recommend that can help improve your copywriting and business results dramatically.


 So come on—crawl on out of that “virtual” cave. You’ll be glad you did!

My #1 Virtual Mastermind pick: Brian Kurtz’s Titans Xcelerator

Top copywriter Brian Kurtz

You’ll find me on many a Thursday hanging out on one of Brian’s extremely valuable Titans Xcelerator virtual mastermind calls.


Brian regularly brings in well-known speakers like Perry Marshall, Ben Settle, Carline Anglade-Cole, Nicholas Kusmich, Doberman Dan, and even yours truly…along with others who may not be household names but have extraordinary business and copywriting know-how to share.

Best of all, you get to connect on calls and in a highly-engaged private Facebook group with some of the most genuine and passionate entrepreneurs, marketers, and copywriters on the planet. Bonus: Brian is also famous for connecting copywriters and marketers and creating mutually beneficial opportunities whenever possible.


That's on top of everything else people get as members of his virtual mastermind, like a monthly "snail mail" package that includes valuable presentations from Brian's $25,000-a-year Titans mastermind group, a "swipe of the month" (some of my controls have been featured), and much more.


Joining Titans Xcelerator is the next best thing to attending an elite mastermind in person—and as a result is worth at least 10X the cost! Plus you get an amazing array of valuable resources just for becoming a member. Membership opens up only at certain times of the year, but you can find out more or get on the wait list below.

My #1 Copywriter Community pick: Kevin Rogers’ Copy Chief

Kevin Rogers live at Copy Chief

Now that I've shared with you my favorite "virtual" mastermind, I want to let you know about a great copywriter community that I highly recommend. It's called Copy Chief and I've known and have mentored many copywriters who are members.


I've seen how much value they get out of connecting with other copywriters, having people they can bounce off questions or get quick opinions on copy from.

I've seen the valuable training resources and people they get access to as James Schramko, Laura Belgray, Todd Herman, and others.


And I also see how often people in Copy Chief get access to freelancing and job opportunities right and left. These are quality clients and paying projects...and they regularly go to Copy Chief members. In fact, I've seen my own clients and colleagues routinely recruit within Copy Chief.


Kevin Rogers is a friend and a great guy. He's created a wonderful community (and puts on a live event each year I haven't missed's one of my favorites). I really love his tagline, "Nobody writes alone".


Those 3 little words seem to resonate more than ever right now with a lot of us...even us long-time copywriters who are quite used to working from home alone in our office (and kind of prefer it that way).


So if there was ever a good time to join Copy Chief...for the community, the training and support, and the freelance job leads...I can't think of a better time than right now!

My #1 Women-Only Community pick: Marcella Allison’s Titanides

The copywriting world has always been a bit of a boys’ club. To an outsider, it seems like all the top copywriters are men—no women allowed. Yet I've been shattering glass ceilings and beating the big boys' controls for years, and I know I'm not the only one.


That’s why a while back I started a Facebook group called The Girls Club. I wanted to create a safe, open, and supportive space for female copywriters, marketers, entrepreneurs, and other women in the direct response world.

Titanides Marcella Allison

But then I saw how my good friend and fellow A-list copywriter Marcella Allison was building her own community, called the Titanides, at the same time. So instead of competing with her, I decided to collaborate with her instead and joined her group as a Senior Patron (note: this does NOT mean I’m old!)

The Titanides has become a top-notch mentoring “collective” where women can share tips and wisdom, raise concerns and issues, get advice, and celebrate their successes. Marcella and her team regularly offer mentoring and training calls, the opportunity to participate in “fast writes”, along with other resources. Their private Facebook group offers further opportunities to meet and interact virtually.

You can find out more about joining this fearless tribe of female leaders by clicking the button below! And if you haven’t gotten your hands on Marcella’s book, Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This Sh*t Before?, you can get your copy at the link below as well (I shared my story in one of the chapters).

Marcella’s book, Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This Sh*t Before?

Also available from Marcella Allison and The Titanides (for women and men…)

17 Ways to Beat Back Writer’s Block and Win

Titanides Mentoring Collective eBook 17 Ways to Beat Back Writer's Block and Win

You don’t have to suffer in order to create! This invaluable eBook put together by the Titanides Mentoring Collective (yes, yours truly contributed one of the articles with my best “improv” tips), shows you 17 ways to unchain your creative brain.


In this fun, engaging, and highly useful guide, you’ll discover how to banish perfectionism, procrastination, and profit-limiting beliefs so you can create more winning copy, content, and campaigns on demand.

"Girl on Fire" Strategies and Inspiration to Help You Soar!

Female role model for female copywriters, Kim, with Rosie the Riveter

When I was working as a marketer and eventually as a copywriter, I always looked for female role models who could inspire me. Years later, I launched a private Facebook group  for female copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs called "The Girls Club" so other women could be inspired as well.  On the first day of each month when I was running the group, I would highlight a woman who’s making great strides as an example to the other women in the group...and name her that month’s “Girl on Fire”.

In these two commemorative books, I've pulled together the original posts and profiles for each of my past Girls on Fire.  What's more, these amazing Girls on Fire have each provided their own stories and lessons highlighting a personal experience or area of expertise you’re sure to find valuable.

These lessons will give you profitable insights, strategies, and wisdom you can put to work for your copywriting or business right away...whether you’re a gal or a guy! Everything is delivered in a beautifully-designed, instantly downloadable e-book.

Girls on Fire Book 2016 - 2017

Girls on Fire Book 2016 - 2017

This packed volume reveals 10 magical copy creation tricks that let your copy practically write itself from email copywriter and coach Teresa Misty RHN...secrets to gaining thousands of followers on social media from entrepreneur and mentor Stefanie Klenner...the one-minute email technique to closing copywriting clients from copywriter and marketing consultant Allison Carpio...four universal keys to entrepreneurial success from executive resume business owner Lisa to stand out from the sea of copywriters and consultants and have clients practically begging for a slot on your schedule from direct response video consultant, copywriter, and producer Alina Medina...and more from other female copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs, including Vicky Fraser, Pauline Longdon, Lindsay Sacks, Lauren Hazel, Hillary Styles, Christy Goldfeder, Sherri Caldwell, Terri Melling Sassone, and Sindy Berner.

Girls on Fire Book 2018

Girls on Fire Book 2018


In this eye-opening and inspiring book, you’ll discover 6 surprising secrets to finding new clients, breaking out of ruts, and getting “un-stuck” from copywriter and marketing consultant Mandy Marksteiner...the fastest way to become an authority in your market from copywriter and book-launch strategist Deborah Owen...the one thing you must do to get moving towards any major life or business change from entrepreneur and marketing strategist Jenny Thompson...three radical steps for kick-starting your creative fire from storytelling and content strategist Jenny Sjolund...why tough times can actually make your business more successful from blogger, author, and publisher Daisy to kill procrastination and go on to achieve amazing things from copywriter, storyteller, and adventurer Molly Pearson...and much more from others, including copywriters Tara WaechterSuzanne Hamilton, and Steffi Baker, actress Heidi Kerring, and even Kim Krause Schwalm’s dog Pearl!

More recommended resources are on their way, so check back again soon!