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Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program

If you want to accelerate your copywriting success...write bigger winners faster and more often...and master the secrets of what's working NOW to maximize profits, you’ll want to get your hands on this in-depth copywriting training.


In this program, Kim reveals her own system for writing successful controls from start to finish. You’ll get videos of Kim’s full-day Copy Intensive at her live 2019 Copywriting Velocity event. It’s the next-best thing to being in the room with her teaching!


Plus you’ll also get all of the following…


  • A breakdown and analysis of one of Kim’s successful joint supplement controls

  • The complete set of 146 detailed slides from Kim's live Copy Intensive packed with actual examples from her own promos

  • Audio recordings of Kim's exclusive Copy Mentoring training on writing Headlines, Leads, Fascinations (including 27 fascination formulas), and Offers & Closes, plus detailed slides of each presentation you’ll want to refer back to again and again

  • A start-to-finish breakdown of an anti-aging supplement control Kim wrote for a major company (it’s like looking over Kim’s shoulder as she researches and writes it)

  • An audio recording of an exclusive interview with Green Valley Natural Solutions founder and copywriting legend Lee Euler, packed with valuable insights

Kim Krause Schwalm's Copywriting Velocity Complete Virtual Program

Million-Dollar Control Breakdown MASTER CLASS

Do you love studying, dissecting, and taking apart successful control promos...and using what you learn to ratchet up your sales results?


Kim’s Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class lets you discover the control-beating secrets that she and other top A-listers use to rack up six figures or more in royalties per successful promo.


You’ll get to hear from Kim first-hand as she pulls back the curtain on six of her longest-running, “unbeatable” health and supplement promos and gain highly profitable insights you can apply to your own copy. For each control breakdown, Kim reveals all of the following:


  • How did she do her research?

  • How did she come up with her “big idea” and main headline?

  • How did she decide on that lead approach?

  • Why structure the promo the way she did?

  • What techniques did she use to keep the prospect reading?

  • Why did she write the close copy the way she did?

  • What other tests were done with the promo (what worked, what didn’t?)

  • And much more! 


For each million-dollar control breakdown you'll get the video and audio recordings, plus complete, word-for-word transcripts in downloadable PDFs that help do the note-taking for you.


You’ll also get an in-depth summary of key points and takeaways from each million-dollar control breakdown that you’ll refer back to again and again. Also included are the full promo PDFs plus any related tests and/or traffic driver emails if applicable and, in some cases, PDFs of the controls Kim went up against and beat.


But that's not all. You'll also get 4 valuable bonus gifts, including an exclusive training by Kim on writing compliant copy, a bonus breakdown on another one of her controls, a royalty negotiation "cheat sheet", and more.


Going through this training is the best way to go from "never written a long-form promo" to mastering the six-figures-plus-per-promo, royalty-paying secrets of top A-list copywriters!

Virtual LA Boot Camp Intensive

This virtual version of the one-day live event Kim did in 2017 gives you a behind-the-scenes look at turning “flops” into million-dollar controls. It’s a great overview of the hard-won, A-list-level lessons Kim learned early on in her copywriting career, and that she still applies to this day.


Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll discover:


  • Five “most likely to succeed” strategies and techniques to help you hit your next promotion out of the ballpark

  • A-List secrets to breakthrough copy you can apply to every sales promotion you write

  • How to move your copywriting career ahead farther and faster

  • Client management secrets that earn you more $$ while saving you costly headaches

  • And much more!


You’ll get the complete recording of Kim’s one-day boot camp intensive, the 60-page Guidebook each lucky attendee received, and a word-for-word transcript of Kim’s presentation you can refer back to again and again. Thanks to this program, you can put yourself on the fast track for less than you’d spend for an hour of Kim’s coaching!

Kim's Virtual LA Boot Camp Intensive


This “buy ‘em all” master swipe file includes 36 proven control promos written by A-list copywriter Kim Krause Schwalm, some with multiple versions.


These are some of Kim’s most successful, highest-performing promotions she’s written over the past few decades. Some were controls for 8 or 10 years or longer, and/or are still running as controls now. They include online sales pages as well as direct mail promos like “magalogs”.


You'll get a fantastic variety of winning promotions to study and learn from for a wide range of nutritional supplements, health and financial newsletters, health books, skin care, exercise equipment and programs, and much more!


Click the button below to get a complete list of all of the full-length promos included in this master swipe file. As an extra bonus, whenever Kim adds more promos to this swipe file, you’ll get an automatic update absolutely free!

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